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An Overview of the Chinese Mobile Game Market

The Chinese game market is wide open and accepts American as well as European games

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Fucheng, Hengshui -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- The 2013 market report for Chinese Mobile Games from Niko Partner reveals that the mobile game population of China during the year 2012 was about 192 million. This year the population is expected to reach 288 million. The report also states that the year 2014 is expected to set a population record of about 390 million, which is relatively high while considering the entire population of the USA (i.e., 314 million).

The Chinese mobile game market’s publishing strategy appears to be an adoptable one. The article ‘Chinese Mobile Market that the Foreign Game Company Cannot Understand’ intends to provide the exact status of the Chinese mobile market. The article is written by Steve Zhang, the CEO of Wudi360. The information listed in the article has mainly focused on the practical and competitive environment along with challenges and opportunities involved in the Chinese market.

The article states, “Due to the huge difference between Chinese and overseas markets, there will be great pressure for the foreign companies to enter the Chinese market alone. The cost to establish a Chinese branch is too high and it will spend too long time, so the best way is to find a partner in China; after all, the game agency company can solve all the problems with one-stop approach.”

According to the reports of Wall Street Journal, the mobile games revenue growth in the year 2013 will show 55% increase and by the year 2015 it will exceed 50%. In addition, the smart phone coverage of China is going to exceed the mark of 50% in 2013 that can be summarized as follows: the smart phone installed base during this year will reach nearly 425 million. All these reports point towards the opportunities available in the Chines mobile game market.

Chinese players are used to getting different kinds of software applications free of cost. The article by Steve Zhang recommends certain ideas to overcome issues related to payment and purchase. Chinese players are said to be not hesitant to spend money on attractive games. Therefore the quality part cannot be compromised at any stage by the developers.

The article ‘Chinese Mobile Market that the Foreign Game Company Cannot Understand’ has also noted that, the Chinese players have always shown interest in European and American mobile games, without any intense cultural differences. The article also covers Chinese player’s payment habits, requirements of foreign companies while entering the Chinese market and much more. The information provided on this subject can be considered useful for all foreign companies waiting to enter the Chinese mobile game market.