Analysis of Uncovered Options on the ETF's, Found in an All-in-One Options Trading Website Resource


Bellingham, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- Naked Options Trading System, short for the NOS Team is behind the successful stock trading website The good news for stock option traders, their website now offers an innovative solution to analyze uncovered options on most traded ETFs, stocks and indexes, all free of charge.

A Look at Options Trading
Option traders weren't automatically linked to stock trades, although both platforms almost co-existed at the same time. Stock exchange trading took off quite more affluently and it's not only in 1968 when options trading became just as popular. It was then assimilated and primarily traded in stocks by 1983. The popular NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and NASDAQ Stock Exchange both started to trade equity options contracts. Option contracts happen between two agreeing parties. One of them has the right while the other has an obligation to buy or sell at specified prices and time frame. Curious speculators were attracted by grooving liquidity of options. Option contract trading appearance in both Bull and Bear markets boosted its popularity more. Call options are the only allowed investments during these moments.

The Difference of New System by NOS Team
NOS Team has invested much on the result of many years of intensive research to come up with their unique trading system to analyze uncovered options on the most traded ETFs. The basic technology behind it greatly lies in Volume and Volatility charts. Their team of experienced brokers and analysts with more than 10 years of collaborative experience developed the trading system to allow analysis and generation of trading signals on QQQ and SPY uncovered put options.

Conservative analysis is needed to avoid high-stake losses. Uncovered option trading are not popular due to high margin of requirements, NOS Team may show people to invest in these options through conventional means just like how big institutional traders. The team also provides everything else in between including name of underlying security, strike prices, expiration dates and even entry or exit prices. With the advantage of new technology, NOS also sends out automatic email alerts complete with all those needed information. Signal pages are refreshed every 2 minutes.

The best part is that their naked options signals are monitored by third party authorities like Pro-trading Profits to ensure high quality and authentic results. NOS' uncovered options signals are also auto-traded by industry renowned brokers such as TradeKing, ThinkorSwim and GlobalAutoTrading.

The Encyclopedic Resource
As the website is aimed at providing an easy trading system for call and put options, it's just highly imperative that they first become authorities in this regard. Their team of experts has found out a way to augment the learning curve from beginner to advance learners through their subscription services and free encyclopedic resource. The free resource contains numerous advices, history reviews of the company's performance with customers and dozens of entries explaining different terms needed by any trader. It also contains notes on history of trading (particularly QQQ and SPY), a trade calculator and sample alerts. Real time alerts are only dished to subscribers. Their membership plan ranges depend on monthly, quarterly and yearly rates. It will depend on traders which options they'd like to save money in the long run.

One satisfied customer, Ken B., even testifies: “I'm about 2 weeks short of being an auto-trade subscriber of your NOS service for one full year. But since the second week of March 2013, you have had only 2 losing trades for a 96.3% win/loss ratio (excluding the current positions, which haven't closed yet, but are doing well). That's pretty amazing and unmatched by any other newsletters.”

About Naked Options Trading System, NOS Team
Their trading system is not 100% mechanical so it still gives room for certain degrees of subjectivity while all backed up by basic trading system technology relying on volatility, index volume, and advance decline indicators.

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