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Richmond City, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- Using home decors is the best way to transform a simple, ordinary home into a ravishing abode of creativity. XoticBrands features a vast collection of over 3000 products including home decors, statuettes, furniture, wall decors, antiques and replicas uniquely designed, to make home interiors look sensational. Ancient Egyptian themed home decors, desk accessories and furniture in the website combine excellent craftsmanship and creativity and also symbolize the historic Egyptian cultures and beliefs.

Classic Egyptian themed products in XoticBrands include boxes, vases, desk accessories, furniture, grand-scale statues, gifts, lamps, candlesticks, statuary and wall decors. The sculptures, statuaries and wall shelves can impart an Egyptian touch to home interiors. Large statues like the 74.5 inch King Tut sculpture also serves as a floor lamp. The finest Egyptian furniture in the Egyptian decors section of XoticBrands is the absolute replica of King Tutankhamen’s throne, which is over 3,500 years old. In addition to furniture, shelves and decors, ancient Egyptian antique replicas and ornaments are also available in the website.

The products are crafted in unique shapes and sizes. Figurines and sculptures of Egyptian Gods like Anubis, Thoth, Isis, Osiris, Serket etc add to the beauty and spirituality of homes. Queen Cleopatra and King Tutankhamen sculptures and figurines are the most popular in the collection. XoticBrands offers search filters by which customers can choose the products from a specific category and a specific price range. “This is a place where Xotic designs meet Exotic taste” quotes the website, adding that customers will be able to experience an extraordinary decorative touch to their homes with XoticBrands’ products.

People who love to collect antiques won’t be disappointed with the XoticBrands antique collections. The website also sells exact replicas of popular antiques found only in museums. Most products in the XoticBrands collection come with special offers or discounts. The website also sells extraordinary garden decors, plinths, columns, framed art, jewelry and mirrors. Customers can view the complete collection of products with prices and special offers from the XoticBrands website.

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XoticBrands is a company specialized in manufacturing and selling unique home decors of creative designs. The products in the website have been carefully selected to fit in interiors of homes, gardens and office. The website works with Amazon.com as merchant partner. Its sister sites include Xoticgift.com, xoticfurniture.com, xoticstatues.com and xoticegyptian.com.

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