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Ancient Forecasting Tool of Astrology Is Still a Popular Guide


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Forecasting is a tool used regularly and is applied to many fields. For example: weather, fashion, the stock market, food production, technology trends, sales, sports, economics, and politics. Market research analyst as a job category has a projected growth rate of 41% by 2010 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Astrology has endured for hundreds of years as a non-numeric forecasting tool for personal life. Professional astrologer Donna Page has taken a look at the alignment of the planets for June and sees upbeat aspects.

Astrologists forecast by understanding the symbolic meaning of the planets and the positions of each planet related to each other. Donna Page believes June 2014 offers much in the area of healing, contemplation and integration between our thoughts and feelings. The month begins with Ceres, nurturing and ruling over food production. We should be on the lookout for news and controversy related to food production and prices.

Mercury is either in shadow or retrograde the entire month of June, moving from early degrees of Cancer back into the sign it rules, Gemini. This affects how people think about life. June will be a good time to honor the Neptune areas of life such as creative ventures.

The June full moon in Sagittarius is a fun and adventurous time to step out and express individual freedoms.

Chiron retrograde and the Cancer solstice chart are tied together by one day. This furthers the dynamics of releasing past hurts and allowing for emotional peace and centeredness.

The new moon in Cancer on June 27 furthers the solstice energy to get on with life. Mars is exactly opposite Uranus electrifying the desire to move forward. When one is not centered in the heart’s priority, there is a scattered attempt to do too many things at once leading to an uncomfortable feeling of jarred nerves. Listening to the whispers of the universe, along with the inner heart’s intuition, enables connection with the flow of energy.

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