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Anderson Nortex Publishes Reviews of the Best Dehumidifiers as Temperatures Set to Soar

Anderson Nortex has created a new Amazon ListMania review of the best dehumidifiers after forecasts predict hottest, most humid summer in years.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Forecasts are predicting that this summer will be one of the hottest and wettest in recent memory, and this combination leads to a great deal of humidity. Humidity can be a major problem in many areas of the US, and aggravate pre-existing conditions including asthma and allergies, as well as increasing the rate of respiratory infection. To reduce these figures, individuals are recommended to buy a dehumidifier that takes the moisture out of the air in their homes. Anderson Nortex has created a new Amazon ListMania page with his run down of the best dehumidifiers available affordably online so that individuals can equip themselves for summer.

The ListMania page has thrown up some surprising results, with a huge jump in price between the number one and number two list picks- though not in the direction one might expect. This is because the cheaper item over performs to such an extent that it can meet the needs of small to medium sized homes, while the number two is a professional piece of equipment that also excels in its field.

The page is introduced by Anderson Nortex as the Best Dehumidifier Reviews 2014, welcoming his visitors and recommending they visit the ListMania page to find out all about the products on offer, real user reviews and his own expert opinion on their effectiveness and value.

A spokesperson for Anderson Nortex explained, “People looking for dehumidifier reviews often don’t want to trawl through every product they find on Amazon and ready every review posted about it in order to make a decision. ListMania is a great tool for curating collections of Amazon items but only when it’s used by the right people, who know what they’re looking for and how to assess this huge amount of data. Anderson has done exactly that, and the result is an easy and fast way for people to find the right dehumidifier for their needs and budgets through this popular and reliable online provider.”

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