Andis Klavins Looks to Start His Three Dimensional Art Exhibition with Funding Support via Kickstarter

Andis Klavins wants to open an exhibition to share 3D style pictures that are different from anything art lovers have seen so far.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- Nowadays, a lot of things have changed. People’s minds are getting polluted with commercials that are not at all needed. There is less kindness and more stress. The priorities are changing, causing changes in people’s values, too.

Andis’ art has already inspired a lot of people not only because of its style, but also of the meaning it holds. These art works are made black and white as in truth human beings are the ones who give life its real colors. Also, as they are made in 3D style, they do stand out. They are different from anything people have seen so far. Andis and his team want to share it with all and for that, they need financial support.

Andis Klavins and associates want to open their first exhibition in London, and they need £3670 to cover following expenses:

- Partial creation of artworks for exhibition;
- Two weeks rent of exhibition premises;
- Artwork transporting and mounting;
- Advertisement of exhibition.

The main challenge for this project is funding. Without sufficient funding, the team on this project cannot open the exhibition and introduce their art to public. If Kickstarter is unsuccessful, they will have to search for alternative opportunities and investment.

This project will only be funded if at least £3,670 is pledged by Sun, Jul 20 2014 3:37 AM +05:30.

About Andis Klavins
Andis Klavins was born on 13.06.1972 in Latvia in a scientists and Master chess players family. He loved spending time with his grandmother Olga Dzenite, an amateur painter. Andis is a co-author of two ornithology books, also received a gold medal for his achievements in science in 1983. Andis was taking part in many freelance projects, designing from company branding and logo and journal illustrations to cartoons and creations of spec effects in movies. In 2013 he became a certified Google photographer.