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Andrew Darius Launches MessengerContact as New Online Lead Generation Opportunity


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2016 -- Andrew Darius and the team behind Explaindio Video Creator is proud to announce their release of MessengerContact. MessengerContact is a revolutionary new online lead generation and marketing system. It allows its members to instant message users, acquiring opt-ins, sending follow-up sequences, and broadcast messages much like text message marketing with the usage of instant messaging platforms like Skype, Facebook messenger, and Kik. The new online lead generation software is primed to help internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and product developers alike to boost their leads and revenue. It provides access to systematic marketing on grounds that have not previously been used; this is expected to increase the effectiveness of MessengerContact for their early adopters.

MessengerContact comes at a time where email marketing is losing a measure of effectiveness due to over usage. Many have realized the value of building leads with email marketing and text message marketing. The prospect of being able to sell on demand without further efforts from building the lists is one that appeals many. With the increase popularity of email marketing, users are having their inbox flooded with promotional email; this has caused email marketing to lose some of the effectiveness this marketing technique once had. MessengerContact provides similar benefits as email marketing in new territory.

MessengerContact is a cheaper solution than most email marketing and text message marketing systems because it allows for unlimited lists, unlimited subscribers, and unlimited messages for an option one-time fee. This puts MessengerContact as a confident investment for business owners, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers who want to maximize their probability of success and profit. The one-time fee with no limits provide greater mileage and profit. It also enables internet marketers and entrepreneurs to maximize their reach.

MessengerContact works as how an email autoresponder would with the exception of easy plug-in solutions to various instant messaging platforms to expand the MessengerContact users' audience reach. MC users can create a sign up link to add members to their list as an email marketing lists; individuals opt-in to the list through a simple web link, making it easier than an email opt-in form. MessengerContact users can also then schedule follow-up sequences to warm their leads and automatically market to these leads. MessengerContact can also send instant or scheduled broadcast messages to lists; this is effective for people who want to draw attention to a time-limited offer or get an influx of sales.

MessengerContact system provides a unique advantage to other forms of marketing because of it's instant messaging approach. Leads will have a more direct contact with the marketers to ask and have any of their questions answered swiftly. MessengerContact effectively provides a tool to help marketers use instant messaging for marketing in ways that wasn't before. It's a powerful system that allows easier lead acquisition through a web link, mass promotion with unlimited lists and subscribers, as well as better sales conversion and control with instant messaging. MessengerContact users can use this online lead generation tool in several ways such as to procure customers on demand to a brick and motor store or using it as a prompt to start a conversation to sell a higher-ticket digital item.

About MessengerContact system
The release of MessengerContact on May 10, 2016 will enable internet marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to market to their leads more effectively. Individuals who wish to jump in as an early adopter to Messenger Contact will benefit from an easier untainted field of target audience and special launch discounts. It is recommended that internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners jump in on the ground game of MessengerContact and be ahead of competitors.

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