Androsform Updates Website with More Content for the Modern Man


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Androsform, the popular mens fashion and lifestyle website, announced that the website has been updated with a ton of new content. Aside from new power dressing tips for the guys, there’s also a picture gallery featuring the beauties in the recently concluded World Cup in Brazil, as well as articles that cover other topics.

But definitely one of the most popular features on the site are the ab workouts articles, and that’s no surprise as fitness experts have determined that exercises for the abdomen are among the most sought after by health conscious men today. Aside from the usual sit ups, push ups and crunches, the kettlebell workout has also gained popularity in recent years.

The use of kettlebell in exercises is not surprising, as there’s plenty of evidence to indicate that it is effective. Combined with other forms for exercise, it can make all the difference, says health experts.

Indeed, experts have stated that the most popular men’s web portal are those that devote a lot of topics to health and fitness, signs that more and more men are now health conscious. To meet this demand, Androsform announced that the website will have more feature articles and guides for men’s health.

According to a representative from Androsform however, the website isn’t devoted exclusively to health and ab workouts for men, as it also touches upon inspirational artwork, technology, supplements, music and other topics that interest the men of today.

By Angelica W. Estes

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