Andy Au Seeks $388,800 in Crowdfunding for the UltraWineAger - the First Wine Magic Artifact

Oenophiles are in for a treat with the UltraWineAger that Will Transform Newer Wine into An Aged Varietal So Effectively it’s Sure to Fool Even the Savviest Wine Connoisseur.


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Traditionalists, of course, would insist that nothing can replace genuine quality plus long, slow aging in an oak barrel followed by years of storage in cool, cobwebby cellars. A shortcut to making wine was inconceivable and even considered impossible – until now.

Utilizing 21st century technology wineries and vintners had no access to before now, ultrasound sequencing transforms a bottle of relatively new wine into a much older version of itself adding years of age to the wine and taste to the palate in a total of 25 minutes.

How does the Ultra Wine Ager work? Think of it as a wine bottle for the wine bottle itself. All anyone needs do is place the bottle of wine to be improved into the UltraWineAger, add some ordinary water and press the start button. The transducer in the bottom of the machine will emit a complex pre-programmed ultrasound sequence through the water media to the bottle of wine, straight through the glass to transform the wine inside. Continue the irradiation for 25 minutes and it changes the wine's maturity. The wine will result in a vintage wine taste with its color, aroma and its taste all bearing the hallmarks of a vintage far older than what the label on the bottle says.

The UIltraWineAger will be the center of attention at anyone’s next social gathering. What may start out as a party trick will turn into a conversation piece as friends, neighbors and family observe a young bottle of wine enter the Ultra Wine Ager and come out a finely aged bottle of vino just 25 minutes later as if it stepped out of a time machine.

Stronger spirits such as whisky can undergo the same process and enjoy the same effect; a smoother, richer flavor through an accelerated aging process that changes a young bottle of scotch or bourbon until a respected elder from the same tribe.

With a working prototype perfected, crowdfunding is sought to finance mass-production of the UltraWineAger including costs for production tooling, moldings, minimum orders on parts, production and delivering the perks promised to backers of this crowdfunding campaign. With a set retail price of $499, the Indiegogo perk price of $269 will only be available as long as the crowdfunding campaign is running. Andy Au sees potentially very high demand for his invention that should belong in every wine connoisseur’s home.

This crowdfunding project just started on September 4, 2014.

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