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Andy Kraus, Director of Business Development at Team Builders Plus, Receives 2015 Chamber Member of the Year Award


Marlton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- Team Builders Plus is delighted to announce that Mr. Andy Kraus, their Director of Business Development, has received the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce's (GCCC) 2015 Chamber Member of the Year Award. Each year, the GCCC recognizes individuals who have made the communities they serve a better place to work, live and learn by awarding six different Community Service Awards. While the GCCC receives many nominations, only six individuals can receive each award.

The main thing that distinguishes the Member of the Year Award from the others is that those who receive it must be an active member of the GCCC, and must have been nominated by other current Chamber members. Also, winners must have demonstrated excellence in their workplace, as well as stellar leadership, communication and member services at the GCCC.

Mr. Kraus, whose previous employer was once the Disney Company, received the award because of what he has accomplished at both Team Builders Plus and the GCCC. At Team Builders Plus, Andy spends his time developing relationships with clients, implementing new team building activities and building partnerships within their industry to offer the most innovative team building events. As the current Co-Chair of the Ambassador Committee of the GCCC, one of Kraus' many tasks includes promoting Chamber events and benefits as well as greeting new members.

Mr. Kraus is happy to have received this award. He also pledges that he will continue to serve the Chamber and Gloucester County communities with the same energy and enthusiasm he had throughout the first half of 2015.

To learn more about Mr. Kraus and all of the other winners of the GCCC's 2015 Annual Community Service Awards, please click the following link

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