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Anenigma Now Offers Users Matchless Online Privacy Protection Services


Middlesex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- Anenigma’s matchless online privacy protection services, keep personal data personal. There ground-breaking security software allows users to rest assured that their date is safe despite being online and will stay that way.

Using Anenigma allows users to live life knowing that nobody can access their information without permission. Hackers cannot get the access code to where records are kept because it doesn't get stored anywhere within the computers file-system. However, unless one writes it down and a hacker reads it, there is no trace of what it is within the software or in a computer’s hard-drive.

Their online privacy for file solutions is designed for hiding things from the world of uninvited inquirers. They can be either friends, acquaintances, family, colleagues, hackers, councils, agencies or even the government. Users’ personal likes and loves from correspondence to photographs, friendships, personal habits, financial or medical records are all their business and nobody else’s.

Talking further about the technology used for online privacy, a spokesperson stated, “Unlike other security programs, Anenigma uses a unique combination of color coded access codes and set timers to completely protect your files, data, photos etc. The combination is stored only in your mind, leaving no way for hackers, friends, family or anyone else to hack into your computer without your permission and knowledge. Using our unique triple lock security system which includes AES 128-bit file encryption technology, your files are completely secure and hidden from prying eyes.”

Moreover, they offer various security packages for clients to choose from, to meet particular privacy requirements. Whether one wants to keep the Desktop private from prying eyes or want to encrypt files to US Federal Government standard, Anenigma has the perfect package for everyone.

About Anenigma
Anenigma has identified a requirement for privacy in a world where everything is driven by passwords, specifically the need for a non-password enabled file-security storage system for the home PC. At Anenigma, they have used the skills of software and design professionals to develop, upgrade and support a range of products, all of which use the color combination system with a time limited lockdown mechanism. Failure while selecting the correct color combination within a time parameter keeps the Desktop Safe in lockdown mode.

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