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Paranormal Defense in the Dark Ghost Movie


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2012 -- A new and disturbing film THE DARK GHOST is in post production. The feature-length independent film is found footage from a party thrown to promote Firestarter Vodka. The publicity stunt to gain attention for the liquor company, unfortunately, went horribly wrong. One partygoer, a New York model who's been facebook stalking one of the guests appears well mannered and sweet, but she may not be prepared to take no for an answer.

This footage is from the movie THE DARK GHOST currently in post-production, compiled from found footage labeled "Exhibit X" leaked by a jury member in one of the most scandalous trials in US history that took place in a closed court room 3 years ago. Because the footage was leaked the trial has been delayed until a jury can be found to hear the case.

Angela Wilaneaux, 22, a model who has reportedly been living in Paris and New York, was arrested in Paris, France and charged with the murders of 51 people stemming from an incident occurring on January 15, 2009. In her arraignment hearing this morning she has plead not guilty. However, according to several eyewitness testimony, Wilaneaux, one of 52 people who attended a party 3 years ago, at the Edgar Bradford home in Los Angeles, California, was "Covered with blood and growling as she fled the scene in her red luxury sports car." She was the only person in attendance at the party who was not found dead at the scene by local authorities. The details surrounding this horrific incident, based on interviews, was that Sean T. Marques, a promoter for Firestarter Vodka,LLC wanted to hold a promotional event inside a so-called "Haunted House" but some time during the party things apparently went "horribly wrong and Marques ignored the locals warnings" to "Stay out of the Bradford home."

Neighbors familiar with the Edgar Bradford house also stated they had candidly warned Marques about the dangers of holding a party there after they noticed he was setting up signage and banners in the front yard. The Bradford home is considered by many paranormal followers to be one of the most haunted houses in the world. The home is the place of the 1930's Bradford incident that was never explained and has been a mystery to locals ever since. Neighbors claimed they had expressed concerns to Marques, about numerous paranormal sightings, violent hauntings and deaths that have taken place at the home over the last 70 years but "He didn't seem to care. I think he thought it was some kind of joke," said a neighbor. Private video footage taken by a young man who was killed at the Bradford Home during the incident, was found in the back yard by local authorities who claim the footage is "Pivotal Evidence" and "almost guarantees a conviction" in the case. Regardless, the evidence could be tainted because somehow, against the demands of the mother who lost her son, the film is being released and sold as the film "THE DARK GHOST."

Even though it could be the most damaging evidence in the case against Wilaneaux, her defense is trying to spin the recordings in another direction. They are using the theory that the defendant was possessed by the ghost of Edgar Bradford, and they claim that the footage proves it. The case has a dozen critical pieces of evidence including paranormal activity, which is the first of it's kind to be allowed and presented to a jury in US history. The model's family has denied repeated requests for interviews by media. Neighbors complained to the police on the day of the party of shrill screams coming from the house just before it started to burn. A longtime Los Angeles resident, Susan Charge-Antonelli, who lives on the same block as the Bradford house told reporters," I was very concerned for them, especially all the girls, because everyone around here knows that place is creepy. I just had a bad feeling something was going to happen... and it did." She also told reporters that one of the people was "burning and screaming in the street." Charge-Antonelli has refused any further interviews and she appeared visibly shaken by the recent trauma she had witnessed.

Other neighbors reported that they heard massive screams of terror coming from the house shortly after 4pm. The fire department and paramedics arrived to find the bodies of 51 people in a gruesome scene. According to one Fire Department first responder, who asked to remain anonymous, "The people were just slashed to pieces, all burned, I am absolutely sickened by whoever could do such a thing." Prosecutors allege that after Wlinaneaux killed all 51 people she then attempted to burn down the house but firefighters were able to put out the fire before it destroyed other homes, thanks to 911 calls by neighbors. Wilnaneaux remains free on $10 million bail awaiting a new trial date.

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