Angry Orange Industrial Strength Pet Odor Eliminator Announces Special Limited Time Only 50% off Sale at

For people who absolutely need to get rid of the worst of odors, especially pet odors that seem impossible to make go away, there's nothing quite like Angry Orange Industrial Strength Pet Odor Eliminator. Recently, the company announced a special limited time only 50% off sale at redeemable with a special coupon code.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2015 -- There's few things that are as troublesome as pet odor that just won't go away. Most people who have experienced this and trying to combat it with normal over the counter product know what it's like to not only be extremely frustrated, but also to spend money and still be stuck with the same problem.

Fortunately, a solution does exist for even the worst of the worst pet odors, in Angry Orange Industrial Strength Pet Odor Eliminator, and the company has even announced a special deep discount sale. For a limited time only Angry Orange will be available at a 50% discount on the with a special coupon code redeemable at checkout. Shoppers couldn't be happier about the news.

"A little of our product goes a long way," commented a spokesperson from Angry Orange. "Not only is our product effective, but it's also super safe and nontoxic. We are very happy to offer this fantastic sale as a thank you to old customers for their loyalty and as an invitation to new customers to check us out and see how well Angry Orange works firsthand."

The coupon code for the 50% discount at Amazon is ANGRY050.

According to the company, Angry Orange is effective on all types of pet odor and stains including dog and cat urine, litter box smells, and works on rugs, carpet, hardwood floors and concrete.

One bottle of Angry Orange is used to create four 32 oz spray bottles when diluted, making the product very cost effective.

Angry Orange is backed by a complete company guarantee.

Customer feedback has been positive across the board.

Blanca C., recently said in a five star review, "Shipping was on time, and the product what can I say? It has been the best purchase. I was spending too much money on candles and other odor removers and with this product with a small amount I am able to eliminate and have a very great sense. I recommend this product to my friends and thank you for the follow up."

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About Angry Orange Industrial Strength Pet Odor Eliminator
Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator 8 oz. bottle- Industrial Strength Pet Odor Remover - Makes (4) 32oz. Bottles - 1 Gallon - Neutralizes and Sanitizes Tough Pet Odors Fast. It is available on Amazon priced at $19.97