Angry Birds Offers Free Downloads for PC and Announces Upcoming Contest and Prizes


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2011 --, the Website where players can receive a free download of the game angry birds for their PC, recently announced an upcoming contest for new subscribers to the game with as yet undisclosed prizes for the winner.

The original angry birds puzzle game was developed by Finland-based Rovia Mobile. While it has evolved over time, the game has reached more than 140 million downloads since its inception. The balance of repetitive and simple tasks with more challenging game play has made it a phenomenon with users on a number of portable devices. With the recent advent of availability of the game from angry birds online for PC, it will only spread further.

Many of the game’s users find angry birds to be a great way to pass time and relieve stress at work and home. With the advent of users can obtain the game for their home office PC to more easily integrate it into their workday.

While new and veteran players can currently download angry birds from the site, the details of the upcoming contest will be revealed there in the coming days. “We’re still working out how best to structure the contest and decide on some prizes of value,” said the Website’s founder. My goal is to create a way to add value for people downloading our version of angry birds while building a fun community of players.”

As part of the value-added experience and the first offering for the community, has created a number of articles and links that involve the game. They include fun and interesting videos about angry birds, more information on the originators, similar games that are gaining popularity and gaming technology reviews for laymen and aficionados alike, plus much more. also provides reviews on game-compatible mobile devices from manufacturers like Blackberry, Apple, Samsung and many others.

New players are encouraged to download the angry birds PC version and start having fun as they wait for contest details. “Those of us that still have jobs find them to be somewhat unfulfilling, stressful or both while those looking for work need ways to relieve the stress of job hunting and unemployment,” said the Website’s founder. I want to create a Web presence where all of those people can come together, have fun and get small rewards for staying motivated, so stay tuned.” is not affiliated with the original Angry Birds brand. To download a free PC version of the game and learn about the contest, please visit