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Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- There are so many anime fans around the world who take the time to surf the Internet just to watch the latest anime movies and series. Even those who are not really fond of watching anime will soon be converted after watching one show. Anime series are made by talented graphic artists who make every character look very real. Adding a good plot makes it more addictive to viewers. Japanese people are known for their great skills in drawing, computer graphics and they are keen on details, which is why anime series and movies are so popular around the world. The anime characters are brought to life and are placed in situations a regular person may encounter… only with a little twist. This makes it relatable for the viewers, and yet at the same time, very entertaining.

Anime do not just have series that people are look forward to, yet watch only once a week. There are also anime movies which could either be compressed versions of some series, a prequel or sequel of famous anime series, or even the same story, told in a different way. There are some anime movies that are meant to stand on their own, very much like the Hollywood movies we tend to watch. A couple of famous anime movies were Katsuhiro Otomo’s “Akira”,and Hayao Miyazaki’s “Princess Mononoke”. Anime movies tell stories of love, friendship, war and family that can capture the hearts of the viewers. Just like our own favorite movies, action-adventure anime have detailed fighting scenes like those seen in Samurai X or Hunter X Hunter. Other genre include friendship and romance, like the anime movie titled “Whisper of the Heart” which is an animated drama film about love developed from a good friendship, the movie “The Girl Who Leapt through Time” tells a story about a simple girl who suddenly has the ability to time travel and many others. These anime movies may portray different real life experiences or works of fictions that can grab the viewers’ attention.

Anime movies may be quite a good catch, but for anime fans, being able to watch new and latest anime series is much more exciting. These anime series bring a kind of excitement and suspense to the viewers. Thinking about the possibilities on what could happen next brings a certain kind of thrill. For some anime fans, looking forward to the next episode is much more interesting than a solid movie plot.

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