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AnionBlue Indonesia Launches Website Featuring Blue Anions Whitening Body Lotion

AnionBlue Indonesia has today announced the launching of their new website which features the latest series of Blue anions Whitening Body Lotion.


Semarang, Central Java -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- Describe as a site that sells Whitening body lotion product series imported from Korea, AnionBlue focuses its sights on a target audience that is made up of woman, age 15 – 40.

According to the site’s owner, the Indonesian consumers will be particularly interested in their new site because if offers a hassle-free and convinient ordering process that gets ordered products from the website delivered directly to customer’s home.

The Blue anions Whitening Body Lotion is one of the most sought after beauty product, and according to the AnionBlue Indonesia spokesperson, it’s a lotion that helps disguise the scars and skin color striped leveling.

“This is all due to the fact that the Anion whitening emulsion is formulated with natural ingredients that help brighten and soften the skin black/dark,” says the site’s owner.

The Blue Anion Whitening Body Lotion, which does a great job in providing needed moisture for the skin, all so has the following attributes that all women love:

- Make your skin whiter (whiten skin) with regular usage (morning, afternoon & evening).
- Have the required vitamins skin so fresh.
- In addition, it can help the skin to moisture and come alive.
- It can help disguise the scars and skin color striped leveling.
- It can lighten the texture of the skin.

For persons who are into knowing what exactly goes into the make-up of the The Blue Anion Whitening Body Lotion, the site’s operator points to the following ingredients: Collagen, Natural silk worm body vegetable, the live essence tea tree oil, five the veins white 1000 Fs, Jade beauty delicate skin essence, and Vitamins C, E and EGF fair factor.

Usage of The Blue Anion Whitening Body Lotion takes the pouring of a drop of lotion to the fingers, and applies it evenly on the hands, feet and neck (body). Rub until evenly and do not be rinsed with water.

For further information about Anion Whitening Lotion , please visit the following website: http://www.anionblue-indonesia.com/

AnionBlue Indonesia
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