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Anjer Inc. Helps Buyers Determine if Shipping via a Dry Freight Trailer Is Right for Their Business


Bensalem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2018 -- Anjer Inc. is walking business owners through the benefits and challenges of shipping via dry freight trailers. It is vital for business owners to understand how this shipping method can benefit their business and the problems that this method can pose to them.

These trailers can accommodate the shipping of a large variety of goods, from non-perishable foods to building materials. If a product doesn't need to be kept under strict temperature controls, then shipping via a dry freight trailer would be ideal. Shippers also don't have to worry about maintaining the condition of their goods in a dry freight trailer because these trailers offer excellent protection from severe weather, theft, and damages.

Shipping goods in a dry freight trailer can save businesses money with the "drop and hook" load method. This method allows carriers to drop off one trailer that needs to be unloaded and pick up a new, fully-loaded trailer that is ready to be transported. This loading method allows carriers to focus on shipping more products instead of unloading. This is highly cost-effective for regional, short haul and long haul shipments.

Businesses should be aware that shipping using a dry freight trailer can pose some challenges to their business. Since dry freight trailers are not refrigerated, they cannot ship goods that are perishable or ones that must be kept under strict temperature controls. Additionally, if moisture and condensation build-up damages the contents of a dry freight trailer, they may need to be repaired or replaced.

In addition to providing dry freight trailers for sale, Anjer Inc. offers truck body repairs in Mercer County, PA, for those who have sustained damages to their dry freight truck bodies. Those interested in buying a used trailer in Montgomery County, PA, or shipping their products via dry freight trailer should contact Anjer Inc at 800-598-3981 or visit

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