Ankaka - an Online Store for Drop Ship Suppliers

Keep the sales and reduce the workload with the help of dropship programs


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Ankaka is an online store that provides other online stores with dropship programs. As one can see in the website,, the company basically allows online stores to put their products up on sale on their website and it does the selling and delivering for them.

This is how the process goes - one online shopping site can put up Ankaka’s products on their website. If a customer places an order for this product, the company, can just forward the order and the shipping address of the customer to Ankaka; which would ship the product to the customer. Ankaka’s name/logo would not be mentioned or indicated on the product packaging, invoice etc, so the online site that is hosting the whole thing would not lose any of its customers or sales.

According to the website, in order to get into the dropshipping wholesalers business, all one has to do is find a way to sell the goods successfully. This is quite a simple and easy business model, since one does not need to actively put in a lot of effort. The website would have to pay for the goods that Ankaka is delivering for their site, but they need to do that only after the customer’s money is safe in their hands.

The dropshipping wholesalers business does not really need too much of an initial investment, for they would have to pay Ankaka only after the product has been paid for by the customers. One does not have to worry about stocking up; technicalities regarding the storage or the technicalities of buying things in bulk. There would be a really small amount of dead stock thanks to this model of business.

Ankaka, in their website, does mention that they will not reveal the company’s hand in the whole process at any point of time, so the online website does not need to fear that they are going to lose their customers to the Ankaka’s website. This might be a good opportunity for people who have been interested in starting an online shopping business but do not know how to handle the technicalities of shipping the product everywhere.

Those who are interested in this business proposition can visit the website,