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Ankaka Announces the Availability of Camera Modules


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2017 -- The camera modules which are designed to simplify setting up spy camera systems can be purchased from

Anyone interested in setting up a spy camera system has just been offered a unique opportunity to easily acquire the right tools for the job. This is thanks to a recent announcement made by Ankaka – a leading tier one distributor of spy gadgets. Ankaka recently announced the availability of spy camera modules on its online store.

The camera modules are intended for both professionals and enthusiasts who are interested in setting up hidden camera systems. Each camera module consists of a lens, a battery, a USB cable, and a remote controller.

The cameras in the modules come with different levels of capability. There are pinhole cameras, cameras with standard lenses, as well as wide-lensed cameras. The cameras also offer photographic and video capture, with picture qualities ranging from 1080 pixels to High Definition (HD) quality.

The cameras contain a number of features which make them invaluable for spying. These include night-vision capabilities, inbuilt motion detectors, listening bugs, remote viewing, and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) connectivity.

The cameras are built to be embedded in ordinary devices, and accessible through mobile devices. has a detailed video instruction on how to setup these camera modules.

The camera modules are available at a range of competitive prices. Ankaka also provides remote support during the installation and setup process. This ensures that both professionals and enthusiasts can setup up their customized spy systems with ease.

Details about the spy camera modules can be found at

About Ankaka
Ankaka is the top Chinese tier 1 distributor of spy gadgets. Its specialty is providing law enforcement, private investigators, and enthusiasts with top-notch spying equipment. Its forte is supplying ordinary gadgets which have been embedded with hidden spy cameras. Examples include sunglasses, USB sticks, watches, pens, clocks, and even photo frames.

The full inventory of the company's products is available on its online store,

Jun Chen, PR Manager
Company: Ankaka
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