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Ankaka Announces the Availability of Spy Audio Bugs on Its Online Store


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2017 -- The bugs which can listen through concrete, metal, glass, plastic, and wood barriers can be purchased online from Ankaka.

Anyone looking to purchase high-level audio bugs has now been offered an opportunity to acquire cutting-edge bugs at a bargain. This is thanks to a recent announcement made by Ankaka – a leading distributor of spy gadgets. Ankaka recently announced the availability of top-notch audio bugs on its online store.

The audio bugs are intended to facilitate information gathering by both enthusiast and professional spies. As such, they have an inbuilt capacity to listen through a variety of solid barriers which include concrete, glass, plastic, wood, and even metal. This makes them invaluable for listening through walls, closed doors, ceilings, and even roofs.

The bugs come with a variety of features which makes them invaluable for spying and intelligence gathering. Each bug has an inbuilt microphone with a sensitivity of -70db. This, combined with a maximum gain amplification of 20,000 times, makes it great at picking up even the subtlest sounds from behind solid barriers.

Each bug also has a headphone output with a 3.5mm stereo at 250mW which simplifies listening to any sounds picked up by the microphones. The audio bugs also offer partition bougie monitoring with up to four audio choices ranging from 200MHz to 1200Mz.

According to sources at Ankaka, the audio bugs are specifically built to simplify deployment and use. As such, each has a 250mA battery capacity, a 2.5mm stereo record line output (to enable recording), and the capacity to conduct continuous monitoring for up to 24 hours.

The audio bugs are currently being offered at competitive prices on the Ankaka online store. For those who want to purchase the bugs in bulk, there are special discounts which are available for wholesale purchases. Details of these discounts can be found on the bugs' wholesale purchase page at Ankaka

Ultimately, Ankaka has made it easier for law enforcement, private investigators, and enthusiast collectors to acquire state-of-the-art audio bugs. As such, whoever wants to acquire the bugs can visit the Ankaka online store.

About Ankaka
Ankaka is the top tier 1 distributor of spy gadgets in China. Its forte is offering private investigators, enthusiasts, and law enforcement with state-of-the-art spy gear. The company's specialty is supplying ordinary gadgets embedded with spy tools. Among others, it offers USB sticks, pens, photo frames, and even sunglasses which are embedded with hidden cameras, listening bugs, and motion sensors. Bug Detectors are also available on its official website.


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