ANKCARA Marketplace

ANKCARA - The Global Marketplace for African Inspired Fashion


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- ANKCARA is the curated online marketplace that connects African Inspired fashion and accessories designers and retailers with global end consumers looking for high quality, limited-edition, contemporary African lifestyle products.

For our buyers, we provide the reliability and curation that comes with an online retail store along with the luxury of buying directly from African designers from around the world.
For our sellers, we promote fashion entrepreneurship by providing them a platform to brand and sell their products to a large global consumer base with minimal operational hassles.

To better support our sellers, ANKCARA provides DESIGNER SERVICES under 3 main categories:
- Product Development
- Business Development
- Design Services

ANKCARA currently showcases designers and retailers in fashion, personal accessories and home decor.

Much like the platform’s look and feel, ANKCARA is focused on promoting contemporary African inspired fashion, accessories and home goods. This unique combination of traditional and modern products gives the buyers, who are interested in African inspired fashion, an opportunity to own products that are truly unique. Distinct from other online marketplaces, we provide affordable designer support services to our sellers to help them excel.

We have exciting plans for the platform and aim to make it a global premier African inspired fashion entrepreneurship platform. ANKCARA will empower African inspired designers and retailers to think big and believe in themselves as entrepreneurs.

We aim to be a ‘One stop shop’ to virtually buy and sell African inspired fashion, accessories and home decor. Through ANCARA, we aim to introduce to the world beautiful products that gracefully combine African inspired fashion with a global sensibility.

We believe - TOGETHER, we DISCOVER, EMPOWER & SUPPORT African Fashion

ANKCARA ( is a global marketplace to BUY & SELL UNIQUE African inspired fashion and accessories + Home Goods. The ANKCARA platform was created to connect African inspired fashion and accessory designers and retailers with those who appreciate the expression of unique fashion.