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Ann Arbor Apartments Roommate Matching Service Allowing Residents to Get Companions and Save on Their Budgets

Roommate Matching service, offered at Ann Arbor Apartment helping students and other residents looking to share apartment get companions as well as save on their budgets.


Ann Arbor, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2020 -- Students and other residents living in Ann Arbor Apartments are choosing roommate through the Roommate Matching service offered by AAR, a family owned and operated property Management Company operating in the Ann Arbor area. According to the company representative, they are breaking barriers through allowing residents to choose the person they would like to share an apartment with. "People have always said that we can't choose our neighbors, but this Roommate Matching service is helping the residents do exactly that," said the company representative while explaining how the service works.

Residents looking to choose a roommate get to fill out a roommate matching form where they provide details on the kind of person they would want to share an apartment with. The resident is supposed to state the building where they are staying or intend to stay, their gender preference, pet policy if any, their sleeping and study habits. Other details which should be included in the form to allow a perfect match include: name , phone and email address, the status where the residents states whether they are current residents , their desired move in date if they are not residents, their budget , number of roommates required , room choice , parking among other details.

Upon receipt of the roommate matching form, a representative of AAR studies it and from the available data matches it with those looking for the service. Based on the preferences listed in the form, AAR sends the potential roommates matches.

"This is one of the services that we have introduced to ensure that our residents are comfortable. With this service, people renting our properties especially students have found perfect matches, helping them save as well as get friends. Some of the roommates we have matched have maintained their friendship and contact even after leaving the apartments upon completion of their studies," said the company representative while explaining how this service have impacted on the residents lives.

AAR has several properties available for renting out to students and staff of University of Michigan as well as other residents in Ann Arbor area. These properties are on campus and off campus. On Campus properties include: two and three bedroom ranch and bi level styles at Geddes Hill, one and two bedroom styles at 406 Packard, two and three bedroom bi level and ranch styles at Carriage House, central campus. Others off campus properties include one and two bedroom styles at 350 Thompson, 824 McKinley, 820 McKinley and Broadview.

There are also three bedroom residential houses at 914 Sylvan central campuses, 525 North Division Kerry Town and 743 Miller at West side.

Off Campus properties include: studio, one bedroom and two bedroom styles at High street Kerry town, 220 N. First Kerry Town, Eastwind apartments at East Side, 712 West Houston, Parkside Apartments, 801 Miller and Miller Maple Townhomes at West Side.

Other services that can be obtained online include resident sublet, requesting maintenance, shuttle bus, online payment and house view or tour scheduling.

About Ann Arbor Apartments
Ann Arbor Apartments is a family owned and operated rental Administration Company in Michigan. The company is operated by a team of professionals from CMB Property Management. The company strives to satisfy residents' needs through offering responsive management and treating them with utmost respect.