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Announcement: African Tourism Is Expecting Increase in Tourism in 2013-2014

One of Travel Street’s main goals is to increase the number of tourists arriving in Africa. In order to do so, discounts have been given to all tourists arriving in Africa from the United Kingdom.


Broadway Ealing, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- In the last two quarters of 2013 starting from July, Travel Street will be offering discounts for individuals who are travelling from the UK to Africa by plane. Travelers are encouraged to book ahead of time in order to avoid any delays.

Due to these discounts being offered by Travel Street, the company is hoping that they will help African destinations boost tourism.

After the Land Reform Programme back in 2000, the number of tourists in many of the populous regions of Africa, including Zimbabwe, Ghana and Nigeria has been deteriorating. For example, back in 1999 Zimbabwe had an estimated total of over 1.4 million tourists. Since then, that number has fallen by around 75% which has caused a significant decline on the economy. As a result, hundreds of thousands of companies went bankrupt and closed their doors. A surprising number of airlines no longer make travel arrangements to Zimbabwe. This includes major airlines such as German’s Lufthansa, Australia’s Qantas and Austrian Airlines and even British Airways. Their top class airline, Air Zimbabwe, is still allowed to make flights into the UK, but additional stops have to be made so they can refuel the planes. Now Travel Street is offering to help Zimbabwe, and other parts of Africa, out by offering discounts to any customers willing to fly over to an African country.

Present discount offers include:

- Cheap flights to Harare, Zimbabwe
- Cheap flights to Accra, Ghana
- Cheap flights to Lagos, Nigeria

With these discounts on their belt, Travel Street UK should get additional tourism numbers in Africa which will help their economy inflate over time.

Just a few of the many reasons for tourists to check out Africa includes:

- The History
- The Wildlife
- The Beauty
- The Excitement

The most popular reason is the scenery. Africa can provide visitors with sights they can’t find anywhere else. No zoo could top the animal attractions they provide, some of which include, but are not limited to: hippos, crocodiles, elephants, zebras and many rare species of birds. Nowadays some tourists have no idea what they are missing out on by not visiting Africa, and Travel Street UK intends to change that once and for all.

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