Jerry McGahan

Announcement: American Cancer Institute and Skillets & More News

Skillets & More Endorses Cooking Recommendations Offered


Rockwell Terrace Kingston, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- Rockwell Terrace Kingston NY - Skillets & More is a well-respected cookware site and the American Cancer Institute well respected in their research and knowledge of cancer; so now that Skillets and More posts recommendations from the Institute consumers can be sure they are getting the very latest and reliable information.

Healthy eating and healthy cooking is becoming more and more important to American consumers who also love to deep fry. At Skillets & More there is a wide range of deep fryers on their site and now consumers can see how to cook healthy as well.

Deep frying can still be heart friendly, it is all about using the right oil and this and more of our recommendations are available on the Skillets and More site,” said a spokesman from the American Cancer Institute.

The link between food and cancer awareness is an important one and the partnership between Skillets & More and the American Cancer Institute is a way that consumers can make that link for themselves.

Going on the Skillets and More site not only means that consumers can get the very latest information in cookware products and prices but now healthy eating and deep fryer healthy eating is part of the information too.

Food and Cancer awareness and deep frying information can all be found in the one place at Skillets and More.

Skillets & More and the American Cancer Institute giving consumers confidence of making a quality cooking purchase and also informed choice about healthy eating and cooking. Consumers can now have confidence when making a purchase of cookware from Skillets and more about the product and healthy eating as well.