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Announcement: Discovers Australia's Anti-Aging Secret and Shares It with the United States Announces that they have discovers Australia’s anti-aging secret and shares it with the United States.


Jersey City, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- America can now get their hands on Australia’s leading skin care products that fight against anti-aging of the skin. Lureful Group is proud to announce the formal launch of its online store – The group’s mission is to increase exposure of high-end skin care products from different regions of the world that have proven effective but have yet to make a big footprint in the U.S. market. These carefully selected premium skin care solutions from the land down under are the first set of products to be available at

Excitement also arises in unveiling that they are the exclusive U.S. distributor of Australia’s leading skin care manufacturer Carlmark. What Lureful Group found to be thrilling about the Carlmark brand is its unique use of sophisticated biotechnology innovations involving natural elements and active substances from rich sources used to develop these anti-aging solutions.

The top three skin care products Lureful Group chose include Carlmark’s bTX, Collagen Concentrate and Pure Placenta. All use natural ingredients, aid in reducing wrinkles, restore the youthful look, and are developed using cutting edge skin care technologies. bTX which contains the active ingredient Argireline is known to be a safer, non-invasive alternative to more expensive and risky treatments. Collagen Concentrate is 100% pure plant extract collagen. It is enhanced with bioactive, water-soluble pure natural plant extract carrying a molecular structure identical to the skin. It also contains bionano encapsulated amino acids basic for skin collagen synthesis. And finally Pure Placenta which consists of stem cells extracted from sheep placenta has been admired in the skin care industry for many years in countries like Australia and New Zealand because it helps regenerate skin cells to improve skin tone affected by the aging process.

Becoming a member with is absolutely free. Everyone is encouraged to subscribe to receive information on special offers and discounts from its store. Recently, Lureful offered free samples to new subscribers giving them the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Lureful Experience before the rest of America. Now as they open their doors members can take advantage of some exciting deals on its launch day such as:

- $10 OFF the entire purchase plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100
- First 100 members to make a purchase get a free gift

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