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Announcement: New Books Released - DRAW Part 3-by J-Real and Bred for Treason-by Ju-Ju Bishop


Canton, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- "DRAW Part 3” by J-Real and “Bred for Treason” by Ju Ju Bishop has been released. The book is now available at and Barnes N Noble.

The Finale will be a sure hit. Real Ink Publishing in its 3rd year will release Author J-Real final installment to complete the trifecta of the DRAW urban fiction series. Times have changed in this gritty tale of tangled webs and the characters find themselves torn between the past and evolution of the game. The Game has changed the New Generation of street rulers have emerged demeaning Yonkers as Gun Town.

DRAW 3, the third of these Urban fiction novels that has given us a glimpse into the life of drug kingpins in downtown Yonkers, New York. We see how the life of drugs, power, deceit and retribution affect those in charge and around them. Readers will see the past can and will haunt them. Just when readers think they are out of the life of drugs, it can catch up to them again.

DRAW, the first novel revolves around Terrell, (.A.K.A) Pharaoh, until he is reported dead, when his brother Serious out of anger for his brother’s death, decides to build his own empire, while threatening those involved in his brother’s death leads to the life he has tried to avoid.

DRAW 2, the second novel in this series and we see Serious out of the Penitentiary, and while in there finds out truth that has consequences. Serious, now a father wants to walk away and is willing to give over his empire he built to his partner Tip, but that is not enough and he wants more. It shows that loyalty and love don’t have a place on these streets and can end in bloodshed.

DRAW 3-The Finale, the third novel in this series show us a new war is brewing with the new “King Pin” Mert in charge. The past will be the big motivator as the truth of Pharaoh’s death is behind his actions of the new reign based on the agreement he made when he was given the power. When the threat is personal and the reader can’t escape from the past, it can only mean one thing: The drug game has consequences and no one really knows who will be standing in the end.

This is the third book that will show us where the life of drugs can take them. We have followed these drug lords and saw how the life they lead can affect those around them. We have seen love and how it can be doused with bloodshed and heartbreak. We also have seen how anger, lies, deceit and manipulation have a power of its own and that usually involves violence.

J. Real has given us a drama with a behind the scene look of ruling the streets of drugs and violence and what it mean to be the drug lord and the life they lead. JREAL goes even deeper with character depiction and the lifestyles of those who made it out of a treacherous life. Real Ink have been known to deliver nail biting suspense through their novels starring Author J-REAL or JU- Ju BISHOP. You won’t be able to put this book down until you find out what happened. Filled with expressive quotes and perfected reverse Ebonics mixed with English as one reviewer put it from a FIVE STAR RATING on Amazon “You’re gonna need a dictionary for this one!” Don’t delay put the word out to all readers about this up and coming Author J-REAL The reader will see how they make the decisions, and why they make them. Many times it includes anger, power, love, obligation and ego. This last novel will reveal many answers to questions we didn’t know existed. It will leave the reader wanting more.

Readers can get that drama again in another book called: Bred For Treason by Ju-Ju Bishop which is also a new release that will also give you the street drama you crave, but this time taking place in East New York with a Brooklyn point of view. To get your copy of this novel log on to any of these websites today!! , , www.Barnes N Noble,Books A For wholesale information, booking, and Speaking Engagements contact Real Ink Publishing (313) 766-1344Author Information: Facebook/Jreal Author DRAW ISBN#978-0615377414DRAW Part 2 ISBN#978-0983351801 DRAW 3- 9780983351818 Bred From Treason

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