Announcement: New Cloud Product Names with One Focus from NIRIX

NIRIX has recently announced that they will be changing the names of their products starting in FEBRUARY 2013.


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- NIRIX Inc., an innovative Canadian cloud computing service provider, renames their existing services to reflect market standards and enhance branding.

In 2007, when NIRIX moved into cloud services, only one product was offered: a hosted backup service known (aptly enough) as Hosted Backup. This phrase was not only an accurate description of the service, but also a common search term customers would use. Early adopters didn’t necessarily know what the cloud was, or that the services they wanted were in it, but they knew what to look for.

Six years later, with five distinct cloud services aimed at today’s technically savvy enterprise sized businesses, NIRIX wants to show a unified front with updated service names that are immediately recognizable as part of a greater whole. Per research from Microsoft, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) report using an average of four cloud services, and 56% of SMBs want them supplied by a single provider. This situates NIRIX perfectly as the change that Canadian business cloud users are looking for.

Beginning on February 1, 2013, new product names include:

- oneDesktop (was Hosted Desktop)
- oneBackup (was Hosted Backup)
- oneServer (was Hosted Server)
- oneExchange (was Hosted Exchange)
- oneDatacenter (was Co-Location)

Additional services introduced in the future will adhere to the same format, reflecting NIRIX’s focus on a unified service, and fulfillment of the customer’s desire for one provider for their cloud computing needs.

NIRIX Inc., established in 2001 by Steven Hsu, is a Canadian provider of IT solutions and cloud computing enterprise size businesses and channel partners located primarily in western Canada. A Microsoft and Dell partner, NIRIX offers attractively-priced customizable cloud IT packages and knowledgeable, user-focused technical support from their Edmonton offices. Services include online data backup, hosted desktop solutions, e-mail, co-location, and server hosting.

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