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Announcing a Discount Dental Plan for Chicagoans Without Insurance

It is here; a Discount dental plan for Chicagoans without dental insurance. Finally, anyone can budget for preventive dental care.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2018 -- Bucktown Dental Associates launched a discount dental plan for Chicago residents without dental insurance. "We realized that many Chicago residents without dental insurance avoid preventive dental care because of the cost involved," says Dr. Elseweifi. Therefore, we made an in-house discount dental plan available. The plan, called Bucktown Smile Club, helps people get routine preventive dental care more regularly and at a significantly reduced cost. It provides members with preventive care for the entire year. As a bonus, members get 20% off all the dental treatment you may need.

"Bucktown Smile Club is not a dental insurance plan," says Dr. Elseweifi. It is not also considered a health plans under the Affordable Care Act.. It is more like a membership in a Gym. Members pay a small monthly membership fee and get preventive dental care and low cost dental treatment for the entire year. The monthly fee is usually far less than what anyone pays for dental insurance premium. With the discount dental plan, families can budget for preventive dental care.

"Members of Bucktown Smile Club discount dental plan enjoy benefits that exceed those of dental insurance," says Dr. Elseweifi. With club membership, there is no limit of the yearly benefits a member can receive and no deductible. Members do not need to wait for pre-authorizations or to submit dental insurance claims. Additionally, can receive elective treatment, including cosmetic dental treatment, which is often limited by dental insurance. Members also have no waiting periods, they can start utilizing the plan immediately. Anyone can join the plan even with pre-existing conditions.

Many people without dental insurance can benefit from Bucktown Smile Club membership. For example, someone who loses dental insurance coverage or decides not to pay the high premium of employer's dental group insurance. Similarly, self-employed and small business owners and their employees can benefit from the plan. Even Medicaid patients can use the discount dental plan for services not covered by Medicaid.

About Bucktown Dental Associates
Bucktown Dental Associates was founded in 2009 in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. The office offers dental care to Chicago residents. Dr. Yasser Elseweifi has more than 30 years of experience. He is a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry.