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Announcing a Personalized Approach to Chiropractic Treatment


Columbus, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2015 -- There are many individual's in the United States who resort to chiropractic treatment each and every day in order to combat problems with posture or to correct dull to intense pain as a result from a recent accident. Because there are many people that require this type of treatment, often, they can just be seen as another patient in pain. However, Dr. Overton at Chiropractor of Columbus stated that they approach their patient care on personalized and holistic level.

Dr. Overton is committed to help individual's understand how valuable chiropractic care can be. Besides treating problems such as headaches, arm pain, leg pain, herniated disc and disc injury, chiropractic treatment can equip people with the know-how of how to prevent such problems. According to Dr. Overton, other conditions that could be treated with chiropractic care include tendinitis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, whiplash, neuritis and carpel tunnel syndrome. Many patients who have undergone chiropractic treatment at Dr. Overton's clinic have also reported improvements in posture, which have resulted in improved movements.

Dr. Overton and his professional team are dedicated to help patients achieve a better life free from pain and without a reliance on drugs or surgery. The non-surgical treatment that Dr. Overton provides will treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems, as well as neck and back pain that so many people suffer from. The chiropractic treatments offered at Dr. Overton's clinic include spinal manipulation, spinal decompression and other non-surgical treatments that will help to treat the underlying causes for the pain a patient is suffering from. Self-healing methods and tips for better posture are also provided, depending on the patient's lifestyle and work. Dr. Overton does his best to provide personalized treatment plans to each and every patient so as to target their needs more specifically.

To learn more about this new procedure being offered by Chiropractor of Columbus, visit their company website today. New clients in need of chiropractic services will also have the opportunity to try their new services offerings listed on their company site or their Youtube video here:

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Dr. Overton is a chiropractor in Columbus, GA with a genuine concern for his patients' well-being.

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