Announcing Emergency Dental Services in San Diego


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Often, a dental emergency will occur during the weekend or when there is a lack of dental practices open; to cater for this need, Dr. Zerafat, a Pacific Beach dentist has announced a new emergency dental service in San Diego for patients who need urgent dental care outside regular office hours.

Dr. Zerafat, the primary dentist at Dentist Pacific Beach in San Diego, states:
“Patients often have a need to see an emergency dentist in San Diego. Dental emergencies can happen any time whether you’re living in San Diego or are just visiting. An emergency dental visit can relieve your tooth ache quickly. Seeing an emergency dentist immediately when you have a dental emergency is important to prevent additional complications and dental treatments. Sometimes it can be a problem for a patient to find emergency dentists in San Diego, and rather than leaving patients to wait for treatment the practice has decided to cater for this need.”

Reasons to see an emergency dentist include trauma, a knocked-out, broken or damaged tooth, a loose filling, a lost crown and severe toothaches or discomfort. Emergency dental procedures can include emergency extractions, dental fillings, root canals, crown restorations and more.

As well as providing emergency dental services in San Diego, Dr. Zerafat also specialises in dental implants. While there are other options available for replacing missing teeth, many patients prefer a dental implant as they look natural, last much longer and they are stronger than the other alternatives such as dentures.

Dr. Zerafat has worked with numerous patients to help them restore their smile and improve their lost confidence. Dr. Zerafat is a Doctor of Dental Surgery and is certified by the UCLA for implant restoration.

About Dentist Pacific Beach
Dr. Zerafat is based at Dentist Pacific Beach in San Diego. Dr. Zerafat runs an emergency dental service in San Diego.

In addition to providing a 24 hour dentist service in San Diego, Dr. Zerafat offers cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants in Pacific Beach, Dr. Zerafat also runs an emergency dental service in San Diego.

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