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Destin, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2016 -- A young girl sits quietly in her seat at the back of the classroom. Elbow propped on the desk, she rests her chin in her hand. Her eyes begin to droop as the teacher drones on about algebraic equations. Reading… Writing… Arithmetic… It's all the same. She's been taught these subjects since she first set foot in school as a scared kindergartner. As her mind wanders, she realizes what is missing - what has always been missing. Why is what she's learning important? How will she be able to use it in her life?

While students spend several years in a classroom studying and pouring over books, rarely does the opportunity arise to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom in the real world. It is important for students to learn and understand subjects such as math, science, and literature. Even more important, however, is that students discover how to use those classroom experiences to approach everyday situations and problems.

School trips abroad provide a way in which students may practically apply, in real-life settings, the knowledge, skills, and experiences they've developed in a classroom. These types of educational expeditions supplement a student's in-class learning unlike any other experience. Appleseed Expeditions provides students with ample opportunities to participate in school trips abroad, empowering students to apply their education and skills in ways that create a positive change for themselves and in the world.


As a student, imagine the excitement of employing health awareness concepts to aid in medical clinic work projects in the Dominican Republic. Envision the joy of mentoring school age children in Costa Rica, passing on your own educational knowledge and experiences. Picture yourself passionately applying your scientific insight while volunteering with a tortoise restoration program in the Galapagos.

Each of these experiences provides its own unique way of enriching a student's traditional learning. These opportunities not only allow students to apply knowledge and skills, but also provide additional teaching experiences. Students gain broader perceptions and appreciation of the world and its cultures. They begin to understand the existence of many different and viable approaches to addressing real-world problems. They learn that experiences are what shape the lives of individuals. The potential is limitless.

Education does not stop in the classroom. It extends far beyond school boundaries and classroom doors. Students gain new insights and expertise everyday through life experiences. School trips abroad are just one elemental way for students to enhance their learning and develop the skills and talents necessary to focus on making the world a better place for all. Thanks to Appleseed Expeditions, enhanced learning and the decision to embark on a school trip abroad adventure is only a phone call away! Call 888-231-4775 today to start planning your very own school trip abroad.

About Appleseed Expeditions
Appleseed Expeditions is a service-learning, student travel company designed to inspire students to use their education and talents to better our communities around the world. We show students what they can do now to take action by getting them personally involved in helping those in need and improving environments to sustain life. Our trips build upon the students' education through real life experiences, establishing purpose through service, and allow students to gain confidence in knowing they hold the keys to making our world a better place. We are happy to answer any questions or begin planning your trip.

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