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Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- He also has a program titled, “The, No Dialysis Needed, All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program.” This program uses the best of natural healing therapies from around the world to help people with kidney disease. It also goes over what medications people should be using. Some of these medications are not commonly used depending on the type of nephrologist, kidney doctor, people may have.

To go directly to Healthy Kidney Publishing’s channel and start viewing over 25 science backed videos with medical references click the link … Improving Kidney Health

With the large amounts of information available on the world wide web about acute and chronic kidney disease, and unfortunately with the most of the information provided by none experts it often leads to misinformation that may damage the kidneys.

These science backed videos provide a great degree of relief knowing people are getting real information that can improve someone’s condition. Each and every video is referenced, cited back, to scientific studies that have proven what will really help people with chronic kidney disease.

They are quick and easy to watch videos. The 26 videos posted are under 1.5 to 3 minutes. Someone can watch all of them within an hour. They are direct to the point with no wasted time. This is so people can make the changes immediately and begin helping their situation within a few minutes.

Below are some of the many subjects covered in the videos …

Foods To Avoid With Kidney Disease Foods to avoid with kidney disease have 6 of the most common foods people should be avoiding, along with some foods that are kidney friendly. …

Vitamin for Kidney Disease This video discusses the most important vitamin needed for kidney disease and what levels it should be at, along with the type to take. A video people don’t want to miss.

Natural Treatment For Stopping Kidney Disease Diet is the most important aspect of treating kidney disease, because the kidneys are responsible for removing waste products and regulated minerals from food. Robert is back with a video about how a prescription drug in Japan that can stop kidney disease from progressing.

Herb For Kidney Disease In this video he shows people about a natural, over the counter, supplement which is an herb, that have shown to improve kidney function. No one can debate the information found in this video.

Natural Remedy For Kidney Disease If someone with kidney disease needs a boost in their kidney function, than this a must watch video. Lower the creatinine and increase GFR with what is in this video.

How To Slow Down Kidney Disease This video with the link talks about sodium and how toxic it is to kidney problems and how it speeds up kidney disease, like putting gasoline on a fire.

If anyone would like go directly to Healthy Kidney Publishing website to learn about their program that is helping people avoid dialysis and reverse kidney disease click the link ..

There is also a free video on that website of over 7 ways to better kidney health.

For an additional older video from Robert but still has excellent important information such as toxic foods for the kidneys and 5 kidney protecting nutrients visit –

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