Announcing Isa-Genius: Australia's Premier Distributor of Isagenix Products


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2015 -- Isa-Genius is an Australian distributor of Isagenix Products. The family-run firm was born out of a desire to help people buy Isagenix online without buying it abroad.

Isa-Genius is the brainchild of Matt and Sarah Potts. The couple was keen to improve their physique and general well-being. They fell in love with Isagenix, and their friends soon asked about the secret to their success!

At the time, Isagenix was almost impossible to get in Australia. They also came across other people that experienced the same issues. Matt and Sarah then decided to do something about the problem. Soon, they soon Australia's official distributors of Isagenix.

What is Isagenix?

In a nutshell, Isagenix is a range of products designed to transform lives. That may sound like a bold statement to make, but the truth is the products do what they claim!

There are four distinct areas where Isagenix products can help:

1. Weight Loss

Many people have a desire to lose weight. They usually have different reasons for wanting to cut down the pounds. For example, some may wish to do so just for health reasons. Others may want to drop down a few sizes and tone their physique.

Isagenix offers a range of practical weight loss solutions that just work. There are no outlandish claims and no bizarre diet regimes. The Isagenix solutions for weight loss work by cleaning the body of harmful toxins. They also help to build lean muscle and improve energy levels.

2. Energy and Performance

Many people spend a considerable amount of their spare time at the gym. Sure, they will see some results when building up their muscles. But, the time they spend at the gym won't improve the nutritional aspect of their bodies!

For those that want to add vital nutrients to their bodies, Isagenix can help. There is a range of energy boosting, high-quality protein products available to buy.

3. Healthy Ageing

The sad truth is there is no "cure" for getting old! But, the good news is we can make sure our bodies are in perfect health as we get older. The Isagenix range of solutions can help combat the effects of ageing.

A long-term plan is available that anyone can follow. The Isagenix products will boost nutrition levels. The result leads to a leaner body and a healthier lifestyle.

4. Programme Support

It's always a good idea to reward one's self for hard work. There is a range of Isagenix snacks and drinks available to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

About Isa-Genius
The website is the number one source of Isagenix products in Australia.

Matt and Sarah Potts, the site's creators, are avid users of Isagenix products themselves. Both they and their friends have seen their health improved thanks to Isagenix. And now, the couple want to make sure others can get easy access to the products online within Australia too.

For more information, contact:
New South Wales
Telephone: +61 0447 63 31 09