Announcing the Dr.PGA Golf Doctor Certification Program for Chiropractors and Medical Doctors

Dr. Raj Jackson, PGA, DC is proud to offer the Dr.PGA Golf Doctor certification program in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Dr. PGA is a golf-specific training program for doctors. The course was designed to educate health care professionals to identify, treat and rehabilitate golf injuries. It provides the training and education required to be a certified golf doctor. A quality golf education is paramount for doctors to speak in the “ golf language” and better help and understand their golfing patients.

The Dr.PGA seminar modules teach doctors how to become certified golf doctors. Our mission is to teach physicians how to become the best golf doctors in the world. Our program uses the exact protocols used by the PGA tour doctors and techniques accepted and taught by the PGA of America. The information presented is in conjunction with the best available golf knowledge and research available. The Certification program consists of a total 48hrs of total training that combines 24hrs of in-class seminars with 24hrs of on-course golf instruction. It includes all of the current research on golf, how to do a thorough diagnosis of a golfing patient, plus including key rehab protocols, elite pro training, golf biomechanics, and nutrition requirements for players,etc..

Certification requires the completion of 24-hour, two-day seminars on golf education and the completion of 24hr two-day PGA golf instruction.

We require doctors to learn how to play golf with the correct technique and knowledge of the game. We believe doctors who know how to play golf make better golf doctors. Your practice cannot afford for you to miss this chance to further your skills. We want to be sure everyone has the opportunity to take this important series. We hope to see you at one of our courses in the future! Please go online and register at

The first 24hrs consists of in-class C.E.seminars.
Module 1/ 12hrs/ Golf Injuries Saturdays 8am-8pm In-Class
Module 2/ 12hrs/ Golf Rehab Sundays 8am-8pm In-Class

The second 24hrs consists of on-course PGA instruction.
Module 3/ 12hrs/ ABC’s of Golf -Basic Mondays 7am-7pm On-course
Module 4/ XYZ’s of Golf - Advance Tuesdays 7am-7pm On-course

About Dr. Raj Jackson
Dr. Jackson is a PGA golf professional and board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in world-class golf instruction, peak performance training and golf injury prevention.

About Dr. PGA Golf Learning Center
The Dr. PGA Golf Learning Center is a premier teaching facility offering the very best of instruction in a relaxed environment. Dr. PGA is a Golf Learning Center is a indoor golf studio and conference room located on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Raj Jackson serves as the Director of Instruction and Continuing Education Speaker.The facilities include a golf simulator, putting center, fitness & rehab room. All lessons include the use of state of the art video analysis in order for your instructors to develop an individualized lesson plan to enable you to reach your goals. We believe that golf is meant to be played with the correct fundamentals. Therefore, many of our private lessons start indoors and finish with “on course instruction”. The facility serves as the perfect place to learn the great game of golf. For additional information regarding golf instructional programs at The Dr. PGA Golf Learning Center, please contact For more information, you can go to