Announcing the Interra Global Corp's. 2013 iPad Mini Give Away


Park Ridge, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- Park Ridge’s own Interra Global Corporation announces the 2013 iPad Mini Giveaway. This leading manufacturer of absorbents in the desiccant industry will be holding their giveaway on June 12, 2013 at Booth 531 at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo – An Ethanol Producer Magazine Event, in St. Louis, Missouri.

You can register to win at the booth #531 or online at Customers of Interra Global’s adsorbent products are encouraged to go ahead and register for their chance to win the free iPad Mini now!

About Interra Global Corporation
Interra Global Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial material focused on the desiccant industry. The provide customer solutions with their Molecular Sieve, Silica Gel, Activated Alumina, and Activated Charcoal, and their Zeolites (molecular sieve).

Interra Global Corporation also has novel Molecular Sieve applications such as ethanol dehydration, refrigerant desiccant, siloxane removal, air brake system drying, and paraffin separation. Their Silica Gel applications include siloxane removal, cat litter, and compressed air dryer desiccant. They also have Activated Alumina applications that include air dryer desiccant, fluoride removal from drinking water, and arsenic removal from drinking water.

Interra Global is known world-wide as the go-to source for material sourcing needs and has offices all over the world from North America to China. Their team is committed to finding solutions for the unique material sourcing requirements of its customers and providing them with the best customer support in the business.

Interra knows that finding the right supplier is much more than just finding the lowest price. It should also be about consistency and quality. Interra Global Corporation is still the number one source for unique sourcing needs in the chemical industry with a growing customer base. They continue to strive to set goals and surpass them with quality and excellent customer service not found anywhere else.

To get in touch with the Interra Global Corporation to see what they can do for your unique adsorbent needs:

Bill Wallace, Sales
Interra Global Corporation
800 Busse Highway, Park Ridge, Illinois