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Announcing the Launch of Centric Infographics: Healthcare-Focused Infographics...Turning Complexity to Comprehension

An “Infographics System” Optimized to Achieve Top Search Engine Visibility


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- Centric Infographics, a newly formed infographics development company with offices in Boston and the Philadelphia-area today announced its inception. The new venture is staffed by seasoned veterans who have built careers in the healthcare marketing, sales, advertising, and information technology sectors. The three principals of the company are: John Griffith, David Winigrad, and Maureen Winigrad.

Though infographics have been around for some time, John Griffith, Founder and President, recognized that a visually pleasing infographic will produce little effect if it cannot be easily found by the target audiences in the channels where they are most likely to search. “At Centric Infographics, we begin all engagements by using real-time search engine activity to provide foundational insights in to the way target audiences think about, discuss, and research information related to a given topic,” says Griffith. “Understanding search engine activity is really about understanding user behavior.“

The Centric Infographics system uses a powerful back-to-front optimization approach that increases the probability that the infographic will achieve top 10 visibility status on major search engines as quickly as possible. Recently, Centric Infographics joined the Epilepsy Foundation in a nationwide effort to bring information about managing seizures to people living with epilepsy and their families. At the center of the initiative is a new educational infographic titled, “Managing Epilepsy & Seizures: Facts to Help Keep You Safe.” [It can be viewed here.] The infographic launched in November–which is National Epilepsy Awareness Month—and quickly achieved impressive results within the first week:

Became the number one searched epilepsy infographic out of 98,000 competitive pages and has since retained a top 10 position
Achieved visibility on social channels such as Google+ and Visual.ly
Increased the length of time spent on the Epilepsy Foundation’s website by 40%

The infographic provides actionable information for people with epilepsy and seizures on how to speak with their doctor, family, friends, co-workers and teachers about potential risks associated with epilepsy and seizures. The infographic also introduces critical information about the risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), urging those with epilepsy to lower their risk by creating a seizure management plan with their doctor that leads to as few seizures as possible.

“We believe this infographic will empower people with epilepsy to take steps to lower their risk and build awareness so we can work together to prevent SUDEP,” said Cyndi Wright, director of the SUDEP Institute, a project led by the Epilepsy Foundation. “We are very appreciative of the role that Centric Infographics played in helping us get this critical message to the community.”

The mission of Centric Infographics is to design and deliver a smarter, more sophisticated, and affordable infographics system that will connect audiences to information they are seeking. Additionally, the modular, deconstructable design is intended to be easily repurposed, syndicated, and distributable across multiple channels to impact as many online points of presence as possible and to leverage a client’s investment in the core content.

About Centric Infographics
Centric Infographics is an audience-centric, data-driven organization with a simple philosophy: Start with better information. The mission of the company is to design and deliver a smarter, more sophisticated, and affordable infographics system that will quickly gain top search engine rankings.

With offices in Boston and the Philadelphia-area, Centric Infographics is comprised of entrepreneurial individuals who have built careers in the healthcare marketing, sales, advertising, and information technology sectors who are now focused on delivering an infographics system that will maximize reach and extend value for clients.

For more information visit http://www.centricinfographics.com.