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Announcing the Launch of IIKONE – A New Kind of Pourover Coffee Brewer


Wroclaw, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- October 1 2015 is the official date of the launch of a new pourover coffee brewer called IIKONE. The most revolutionary feature of its design is the fully uncovered cone filter. It uses a proprietary patented solution to hold the filter in place thanks to a specially shaped ring. Thanks to it there are no obstacles nor interruptions to the flow. The working section of the filter doesn't get into contact with anything other than the air, so the brewing process is as pure as it can be. The result is a clearer, more developed flavor and much fewer undissolved particles in the cup.

The brewer is designed to be a piece of industrial art on your kitchen counter top. Fully made of medical-grade polished stainless steel it has strong presence and turns the brewing process into a spectacle. Watching the coffee flowing out of the conical filter is almost like observing a beating heart in an open chest. The brewer comes in a packaging that could put a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer to shame. The steel ring and the paper filters have their own little boxes inside the big box made of lacquered pine wood. The IIKONE is compatible with 6-10 cup round and rectangular paper filters ,and specifically designed to align with the corners of the folded rectangular sheet. Metal filter afficionados will surely be happy to know that it will beautifully accommodate their favorite perforated cone, eventually creating a brewing device made integrally of one material.

The item is on presale for 599 USD, shipping starts officially in January 2016.

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Bartosz Garlinski - IIKONE Designs
Phone : +48 508 381 284
Address: Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, Poland