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Announcing the Launch of Review 3D Printers, Internet's Newest 3D Printing Resource

New site based at provides the kind of in-depth, unbiased reviews and informative guides enthusiasts have been looking for, Review 3D Printers reports


Greenville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Review 3D Printers, a site focusing on consumer-oriented 3D printers and related topics, has launched and is now available to all visitors at Http:// Created to provide a focused, in-depth take on the versatile, small-scale manufacturing devices that are attracting so much attention, the new site already boasts a strong selection of guides and printer reviews and will be enhanced further on an ongoing basis. The resources available at Review 3D Printers can be accessed free of charge and without registration by all visitors, and readers can count on objective, comprehensive perspectives throughout.

"3D printing is one of the most exciting and impressive technologies today," Review 3D Printers representative Edward Jones said, "and our new site is going to be incredibly valuable to people who are interested in these fascinating devices." Expanding at an average annual rate of nearly 30% in recent times, the 3D printing industry is one of the world's fastest growing. Industry analysts, in fact, expect those impressive figures to recur for years to come, with many targeting 3D printer manufacturers to amass annual worldwide sales of $4 to $8 billion by 2020.

A major reason for this growth has been the increased accessibility and affordability of 3D printers, devices that are capable of quickly and automatically turning CAD designs into polymer-based physical products. Although they have been used in industrial settings for some time, until recently 3D printers were generally too expensive and fussy for most consumers to consider buying and using. A new generation of manufacturers focused on designing and producing printers that can sit comfortably in the average home has begun to change this status quo in a striking way.

Review 3D Printers was created to serve the members of this new audience for 3D printing devices. The site's founders are avid, experienced 3D printing enthusiasts, and they have committed to bringing on board other experts as the site expands. Review 3D Printers currently offers a number of detailed, unbiased reviews that can help consumers decide which devices might make the most sense for them personally, like the Maker bot Review that delves into one of the most popular machines on the market.

Review 3D Printers also boasts a variety of articles of more general scope, like the Desktop 3D Printer vs Large 3D Printer guide that helps readers understand the advantages of each of two common printer formats.

Although the site has only just launched, the response to Review 3D Printers has been strong and positive. For years, those interested in 3D printing have lamented the lack of truly worthwhile, focused online resources, and Review 3D Printers has already proven to be just what many were looking for.

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