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Announcing the Opening of Bodyworks Glasgow, City's Newest Massage Therapy Clinic

New clinic will provide the same effective, impressive services that have made Bodyworks Edinburgh such a success, Bodyworks Glasgow reports


Glasgow, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Bodyworks Glasgow, the city's newest massage therapy clinic, has opened and is now accepting new clients. Founded by the owner of one of the most successful massage therapy clinics in Edinburgh, Bodyworks Glasgow will provide a wide variety of therapeutic and relaxation-oriented massage services. Located at 111 Union Street in Glasgow, the new clinic offers some of the city's most effective and affordable massage options.

"We are thrilled to announce the opening of Bodyworks Glasgow and look forward to working with the residents of this wonderful city," Bodyworks Glasgow owner Nicki Llewellyn said, "And we are committed to delivering the same level of service that has made Bodyworks Edinburgh such a resounding success." Although the human body is remarkably resilient, wear and tear and the effects of injuries can accumulate in ways that leave some people with chronic pain, stiffness, or similar problems. Deep-tissue massage, as detailed at, has proven to be one of the most effective ways of dealing with a whole range of these issues, as trained specialists are able to improve blood flow to affected areas and contribute to the flexibility of tissues.

The trained massage therapists at the newly opened Bodyworks Glasgow are able to offer relief to clients with a wide variety of underlying issues. Many athletes, for example, eventually develop the kinds of problems that are amenable to treatment through massage, whether they are chronic ones or recently developed injuries. Even less-active people can eventually develop issues that are best addressed through appropriate massage therapies, and the specialists at Bodyworks Glasgow are trained in a whole range of such techniques.

While being new to the city, Bodyworks Glasgow has substantial and important roots. The new clinic's owner and leader, Nicki Llewellyn, opened a similar clinic in Bodyworks Edinburgh nearly two years ago and has developed it into one of that city's most successful and often-recommended massage therapy services. Taking the lessons learned through that experience into account, Llewellyn has committed to turning Bodyworks Glasgow into a similarly successful operation, with a focus on providing exactly the kind and style of services that residents of Glasgow most frequently request and require.

Toward that end, Bodyworks Glasgow will focus on massage therapy using deep tissue massage and the sports-focused massage techniques described at The highly trained members of the Bodyworks Glasgow staff will thereby help clients overcome chronic pain and heal recent injuries more quickly. The clinic will also offer a range of massage services designed to help clients relax, including Indian head massage, Swedish massage, and massage sessions that incorporate aromatherapy. Those interested in learning more about the new clinic's many services can do so at the Bodyworks Glasgow website, where contact information that can be used for booking appointments can also be found.

About Bodyworks Glasgow
The sister clinic of the long-running, highly successful Bodyworks Edinburgh, Bodyworks Glasgow provides a wide variety of therapeutic and relaxation-directed massage services with the utmost in professionalism and expertise.