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Announcing the Rufus Cuff: More Than a Smartwatch - A Wrist Communicator


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- The creators of the Rufus Cuff are pleased to announce that they have completed the early design and development phase of what they refer to as the world’s first “wrist communicator.” The Rufus Cuff automatically syncs to smartphones, allowing users to conveniently access many of the features of their devices (iPhone and Android) through an intuitive and forward-designed wearable technology.

The Rufus Cuff is designed to take the place of traditional watches and give users the freedom to communicate on-the-go using hands-free technology that handles voice and video calls, messaging and alerts, social media and much more. Featuring a suite of special tools that allow users to browse the web, track health and fitness goals, access the full Android operating system, connect to WiFi networks and listen to their music library - the Rufus Cuff is indeed an innovative wrist communicator that will revolutionize the way people interact with their technology.

“Inspired by history. Reimagined for the future. The Rufus Cuff is the evolution of a form factor that hasn’t changed in over 200 years. At Rufus Labs we are proud to forge ahead in the field of wearable technology and begin the revolution.” Source: The Rufus Cuff’s Indiegogo.com fundraising page.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Rufus Cuff smartwatch is its radical new design, which offers a full-color, 3” wide screen so wearers can operate all the touch-screen elements with ease. In spite of all the amazing features the Rufus Cuff offers, it is neither heavy nor bulky, measuring approximately the same height as the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Pebble smartwatch.

While the design of the Rufus Watch is nearly complete, the team has launched a campaign on Indiegogo.com to help raise funds to further development. The creators of the Rufus Cuff are seeking $250,000 to finish the software development, complete prototyping, conduct water resistance tests, make molds for mass production, help place the first bill of material orders, gain worldwide certification and assist with production and assembly costs.

Depending on their level of support, contributors to the campaign will be eligible to receive custom body colors for the Rufus Cuff, custom engraving, and one of the first Rufus Cuffs to be produced. At the heart of the company is a charitable initiative that donates a portion of net profits to causes around the globe.

About Rufus Cuff
The Rufus Cuff is an advanced wearable device with a revolutionary new take on wrist real estate. With a beautiful 3-inch wide screen, radical design, and reimagined form factor, the Rufus Cuff ends the era of the watch and ushers in the Wrist Communicator. For more information, please visit the Rufus Cuff indiegogo page at http://igg.me/at/rufuscuff.