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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- There is a high value in having an elaborate theme for an event and can make it much more effective. Specifically organizing and planning events will make good impressions on guests immediately. The right collection of event decor can do that.

Corporate themed events can be important networking opportunities for all involved, so striking the right note is essential. Companies need to be able to present a professional image to guests. Theme party rentals manage to be both convenient and appropriate. Places like Monte Carlo Productions offer a wide assortment of different themes for parties and can help businesses benefit from years of experience with event décor.

Types of Theme Parties

There are many different theme party styles available. Corporations can rent a wide range of props for events or have Monte Carlo Productions create the entire theme. As an example a historical theme, corporations can find props that symbolize many different eras, such as Flower Child props that embody the 1960s.

Some of the props that can be rented will be small and decorative, like many of the centerpiece and floral props. However, grand entrances and arches that will immediately create a powerful impression for guests are always available.

Event Décor and Branding

Monte Carlo Productions can give companies product wraps that display the companies’ logos, so centerpieces and many other decorations will appropriately represent the company. Graphics teams will be able to work with individual companies to create decorations that have the right corporate branding. There are many creative ways to do corporate branding with theme party decor.

For instance, parties with a casino theme have been popular for a long time, and of course the company offers many casino themed props along with casino play money branded with the logo of a company. These sorts of subtle uses of branding can sometimes be even more effective than the grand ones, such as branded banners. However, corporate events can certainly use both approaches.
About Monte Carlo Productions

About Monte Carlo Productions
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