Annual Gluten Free Award Program Will Give Up to 100,000 to the Favorite Celiac Disease Non-Profit Organization


Terrell, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- The Annual Gluten Free Awards will be giving 50% of their gross sales up to $100,000.00 to the winner of the 4th Annual Gluten Free Award for Best Gluten-Free Non-Profit! That’s right, the winner of this year’s best gluten free non-profit will have the ability of taking home $100K. Sales revenue stemming for this year’s 4th Annual Gluten Free Award product submissions and sponsorships will be allocated to the non-profit who receives the most votes from the gluten-free community. The 4th Annual Gluten Free Award product submission process has started and will continue until public voting starts this fall.

This year’s submissions will be included in the 2014 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide. The buyers guide will highlight the 30+ categories and every submission. The top three in each category will be highlighted and the others will be classified as runner-ups. The guide will have insightful information, carefully designed to help those transitioning into a gluten free lifestyle. Ultimately the goal is to connect the gluten-free community with only the best gluten free products, services, and organizations. The Gluten Free Buyers Guide will be available to all major supermarkets, gastroenterology associations, national and local dietitians free of charge. The guide will be available for immediate download to the general public via the Amazon Market Place at no cost.

For more information about the charitable donation or product submission please visit the Gluten-Free Sponsorship Page

About The Annual Gluten Free Awards: Founded in 2010, the Annual Gluten Free Award has been the premier award honoring outstanding gluten free products, organizations, and services. Winners represent the best work of the most respected gluten free non-profits, food producers, bloggers, and authors in the world. For the fourth consecutive year, has given the voting responsibility to the gluten-free community.

The most popular award categories:

Best Gluten Free Beer

Best Gluten Free Cold Cereal

Best Gluten Free Non-Profit Organization

Best Gluten Free Cosmetic Brand

Best Gluten Free Vacation Destination

Best Gluten Free Magazine

Best Gluten Free Pasta

Best Gluten Free Supplements

About G Freek
G Freek started as a small family business designed to provide the gluten free community with unbiased, consumer driven data. Josh and Jayme Schieffer (Founders) are parents of a child that has Celiac Disease. After their son’s diagnosis they gutted the fridge and pantry of gluten containing products and went to the health food store to re-stock. Josh and Jayme soon realized how expensive some of the food was and how awful it tasted. On the other hand, some products tasted great and cost little to no more than their gluten containing counterparts. Josh and Jayme struggled to find a single resource containing unbiased opinions about gluten free products and services so they developed The Annual Gluten Free Awards. Josh has now been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and is on a mission to make life easier for those who get diagnosed and/or are intolerant to gluten. The Gluten-Free Award winners are the backbone of the gluten free industry. They are the VPs, bloggers, chefs, small business owners, large business owners, parents and others that drive our industry forward and set the bar of excellence high.

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