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Annuity Straight Talk Partners with Tier One National to Announce That Many Aren't Financially Prepared for Retirement

Tier One National Partners With Annuity Straight Talk To Publicize Their Findings in to Retirement Shortfalls and Employing Annuities as a Solution


Whitefish, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Tier One National Partners With Annuity Straight Talk To Publicize Their Findings in to Retirement Shortfalls and Employing Annuities as a Solution

Tier One National, specialists in brand management, recently announced a partnership with Annuity Straight Talk. Tier One will publicize Annuity Straight Talk’s recent findings that most families are financially unprepared for retirement as well as their Annuity solutions. A report on their findings regarding retirement shortfall will be published in February on their site.

Simon Harris of Tier One National explained the genesis of the Annuity Straight Talk service:

“Retirement planning is challenging and no two situations are alike. Most traditional brokers are totally unprepared to take on this challenge and meet the needs of clients. It was this that led to the creation of Annuity Straight Talk.”

Annuity Straight Talk provides unbiased information on annuities, their pros and cons, and how they fit into one's financial situation. To ensure retirement funds last, Media Contact Nathaniel Pulsifer first helps clients determine their baseline income needs. "Once we calculate this ‘guaranteed expense’, we then look at existing guaranteed income, and see if there is a gap between the two. This is the right place to use annuities. By fully covering guaranteed costs with guaranteed income, we build a solid retirement foundation and actually free up assets for other uses," Mr. Pulsifer explains.

"Doing so ensures the client has a guaranteed income stream. There are a wide range of annuities to choose from, including indexed and secondary market annuities. We offer only the best in hybrid and indexed annuities along with a large inventory of structured annuities, all of which provide a high yield, fixed income. It really depends on the client’s individual situation what annuity tool is most appropriate. We try to focus on simpler, guaranteed offerings and can do so with a great yield."

One such higher yield annuity is the ‘Structured Settlement Annuity’ which comes in a wide range of payment durations. Clients may choose an immediate income annuity or an immediate income annuity with lump sum. For those interested in deferred income annuities, choices include deferred income versions and deferred income versions with a lump sum. Other options include short-term lump sum and long-term lump sum annuities or insured payment streams backed by life insurance.

Annuity Straight Talk distributes updated lists of available Structured Settlement Annuities throughout the day. To learn more about current offerings, click here. "If you see an annuity that you would like to purchase, simply click the 'Reserve' button and return the form by email or fax. Be aware that offers may no longer be available so it's best to call to request the desired stream and confirm availability," Mr. Pulsifer states.

All annuities available through Annuity Straight Talk provide income during the retirement years. "We are insurance licensed and place millions of dollars into guaranteed annuity income streams each year. Our unbiased advice gives customers confidence in what we offer," Mr. Pulsifer declares.

Simon Harris of Tier One National explained the branding plan:

“Annuity Straight Talk has some great data and they also offer a real safe solution to clients. These two aspects will provide the cornerstone of the branding plan and outreach campaigns. We are excited to expand their already successful brand.”

About Annuity Straight Talk:
Annuity Straight Talk helps clients optimize their unique retirement income portfolios by offering unbiased advice on retirement income planning and annuities. Planning for this time of life, when one is rationally de-cumulating wealth, requires that an honest needs assessment be conducted to determine baseline income needs. This provides the client with a floor income level to plan for. Various guaranteed income sources, ranging from social security and insurance to annuities, can then be used to fill these income needs and Annuity Straight Talk strives to ensure each client finds the right mix. For more information visit

About Tier One National:
Tier One National help brands extend their brands both Nationally and Internationally. They use media channels and manual outreach to enhance a brands penetration and influence within their target market.