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Anonymity Check Reviews the Latest Anonymous BitTorrent Software BTGuard


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 --, a website dedicated in reviewing various anonymous media sharing software, has recently reviewed the BitTorrent proxy software BTGuard. With increasing concerns of privacy when sharing media over the internet, BTGuard is one of the very few software that enables individuals to share media through torrents anonymously. The blog has analyzed the functioning of the software and has published its findings.

The media spokesperson of Anonymity Check explained how BTGuard operates, “BTGuard is one of the simplest and rarest BitTorrent proxies available. Downloading through BTGuard enables the user to have an anonymous IP and the data is also encrypted such that it is not detectable. The interface of the BTGuard is exactly like the real BitTorrent or uTorrent hence nothing is really altered. Only a username and password is to be entered when opening the torrent client which is provided by the company upon registration. BTGuard allows internet users to safely download data by protecting their identity and privacy, something which is being misused increasingly today.”

The BTGuard is currently available at $6.95 and their VPN service which secures all internet activities is priced at $9.95. The review finds that the software is highly effective and its purpose of protecting the identity is fulfilled. The review states that before BTGuard there were many VPN privacy protection providers which were also effective in hiding the identity, however the low download speeds were a major issue that no provider was able to solve. BTGuard was the only one who has resolved this issue and now downloads through the software are exactly the same as when downloading straight from the torrent client.

There has been a increasing concern for protecting identity when accessing the internet, mainly due to high number of hackers now present. Internet Service Providers have also not shown any initiative in protecting their customers when surfing the net. This lack of identity protection has given rise to number of anonymous surfing software like BTGuard, who ensure a safe internet access.

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Anonymity Check is a company dedicated in reviewing various anonymous media sharing software. The company has recently reviewed the BitTorrent Proxy BTGuard and has published comprehensive details of the software on their online platform, The reviews on the website are known for their in-depth analysis and for mentioning the pros and cons of each software.

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