Another Nail Biting Thriller from Todd M. Thiede Now, Available on Kindle

A perfect tale of mystery and suspense


Elgin, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Max Larkin is not just another character from Todd’s books but, he is, as some consider, a household name among millions of thriller novel fans from around the globe. The second book in the Max Larkin series, ‘Lies to die for’ is set in the small town of Rockton, which was engulfed by a state of uneasiness by the latest killings of innocent victims who also happen to be the target for number branding, the killer’s signature move.

The novel has been one of the most anticipated thriller novels of recent times. What makes this series of novels so captivating and gripping is that the storyline is very close to reality. While there have been similar thriller stories in the past involving serial killers, this story comes across as being true without any unwanted drama. The narration is perfect; depicting the story as it were really happening with emphasis on how two detectives and their differences builds towards the suspense.

Todd M Thiede who is the author of ‘Lies to die for’ has also penned several other thriller novels in the past. His previous bestsellers include ‘Time Killer’. A couple of bestsellers down the line, Todd, is considered a thriller legend in the making. All his stories have lived up to the readers expectations so far and they have managed to keep the suspense alive.

Some of the readers were found quoting “Right from page one it is action packed, with plenty of twists and turns, and a storyline, which keeps the reader guessing, right until the end”. The book which is now available in the Kindle edition is also one of Todd’s best sellers till date. A perfect 4.9 star, the book is on its way to becoming a top seller from the author.

Todd’s ‘Time Killer’ which was his debut novel in the detective genre was featured in the top 100 list of bestselling books on Amazon. The author is successful in maintaining the same kind of suspense and thrill in this book. It is indeed a page turner. ‘Lies to die for’ is also available in the paperback edition for those who want to stick to the traditional method of reading. And, for those who want to get their daily dose of thrill on the go, the kindle edition is available at

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