Another UK University Reaps Benefits of CHP System


Hampshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2015 -- A leading university in the North of England has joined the ranks of large organisations that have taken major steps to lower their power bills along with their carbon footprint, thanks to combined heat and power systems fitted by shentongroup, the UK's leading technical expert in standby power, uninterruptible power and combined heat and power systems.

Britain's national grid comes under increasing criticism this year, as for the second year running power outages and blackouts have been predicted by industry experts as electricity demand increases and more and more major coal power stations are being decommissioned. Universities, along with other large public sector organisations, are under increasing pressure to lower their overheads, comply with strict environmental policies, as well as having an obligation to provide uninterruptible power supplies to ensure that the learning and working environment is maintained consistently and reliably.

Combined heat and power systems, or CHP systems, suit larger organisations with high hot water demands and as well as universities, schools, colleges, prisons, hospitals and hotels are just some of the organisations that fall within this remit. Combined heat and power systems benefit these organisations in a number of ways. To begin with, they can run completely independently from the national grid, and in the case of the university's pair of T50 CHP units, they run off natural gas, a widely less expensive fuel. The secondary benefit comes from the heat generated from electricity generation that is channeled into hot water and heating systems throughout buildings.

The two Tedom T50 combined heat and power units each provide the university with 48 kWe electricity output and 91 kWt thermal output. They provide high performance electrical efficiency at 32.5% and thermal efficiency of 61.6% that equates to a total efficiency of 94.1%. Tedom is a global CHP manufacturer with circa 600 employees and there are over 2,000 Tedom CHP units in service throughout 35 countries. shentongroup is the exclusive distributor for Tedom products in the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands. As well as the popular Tedom T50, shentongroup professionally installs the entre range of Tedom CHP systems.

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