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AnQstfrei Offers Details on New Treatment of Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Frankfurt, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2014 -- Anxiety disorders are amongst the most common problems that people suffer from today. According to scientific research, at least fifteen percent of the adult population in America and Germany suffers from anxiety disorders. Despite the fact that these disorders are considered to be highly treatable and correctable, it is sad to not that only about a third of the people who suffer from these disorders actually try to search for a cure for their problems.

The experts at AnQstfrei have decided to remedy these figures by launching an official website that is designed to offer tips and treatment options for people suffering from the horrifying disorder and to also offer a treatment course on the same website.

David Freeman from AnQstfrei says, “Since anxiety patients normally fear the medications, they do not get themselves treated. We are hoping to develop an all-natural course to combat anxiety and to present it on an international level.”

A panel of experts recruited from all over the world is being hired by the team to develop a treatment course based entirely on natural procedures and without all sorts of medication. The website also lists down the many dangers and side-effects of getting medication for the disorders. The expert team includes Barry McDonagh from BMD Publishing - an expert in the field of anxiety treatment for more than 10 years and creator of Panic Away Program. Also, there is Charles Linden - a professional in this field and creator of the “Linden Method” to treat anxiety and panic attacks.

“We are currently in the process of hiring the most skilled panic and anxiety treatment experts and will be offering local anxiety treatment by the end of this year. Registration is now open and fifty applications will be considered for the treatment course. Those who are interested in participation may sign up for an interview at Anxiety and panic attacks are possible to treat if you choose the right treatment, and we really hope to bring back the joyful smile on patients’ faces by giving them their lives back. This is our ultimate goal.” – David Freeman.

Overview of all anxiety and panic attacks treatment options currently available worldwide:

About AnQstfrei
The creators of the new website aim to offer their treatment course for anxiety disorders and panic attacks on an international level. They are currently hiring experts in the field to help them develop this program and interested applicants can visit the official website to enter the process.

Company: anQstfrei
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Phone number: +49 69 484 992 357