Answering Services for Only $99/Month Catering Medical Professionals


Victorville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2012 -- AnsweringCare.Com offers medical professionals, doctors and physicians answering service for only $99/month. The monthly fee includes unlimited message relaying to the the recipient via SMS, email, or if necessary call transfer.

Functionality of Medical Answering Services to Physicians

By oath of their profession, physicians are required to be accessible all hours of the day or night. Physicians best benefits using medical answering services, giving patients the ability to call them, meeting their basic and essential needs with just a click, dial or type away.

These medical answering services contacts physicians to be available even during peak-hours, breaks or even during off days. The patient’s ability to be able to contact the physician is highly important, even during heavy procedures and pertinent meetings. The medical answering service provider would likely precipitate relevant messages, prompting immediate attention from the doctor. Services like these gives assurance to patients that their health and well-being is of highest priority. Keeping confidentiality vital, physicians do need to bear in mind that the medical answering service should be of highest caliber where services are relevantly worth paid for. Patients should feel a sense of reliance upon calling, having recognized that their messages are conveyed by professionals.

Esteemed Benefits of Medical Answering Services
- It gives the physician a satisfactory service of having his prompt calls answered by a representative even when out of his work hours.
- Patient’s hold time can significantly be decreased since there is a virtual receptionist to list the calls and even be submitted to the doctor immediately.
- A staff could reproduce the medium of ways your call was received in case the physician is of peak hours, breaks, etc. Let’s say a patient would most likely call and the physician cannot opt to answer because he’s in the middle of an important meeting. The staff may compose an email or SMS conveying the accurate summary of the patient’s needs from the said call and send it to the physician’s smart phone or PDA.
- In the medical answering service, the operators/staffs are HIPAA trained and are well-oriented in medical terminologies, making assessment of the level of care the patient requires and documentation accurate.
- Operators are also trained to triage the severity of the patient’s needs. If the situation is of a serious or an emergency type, the operator will immediately ask the patient to call 911 and notify the doctor.

Why Choose

The patient-doctor interaction at all times must not be imperiled especially in critical emergencies. breaches the communication line between patient and the physician with utmost consideration that a life may be at risk. Professional operators convey the patient’s call through email, SMS or call-transfer giving every message with high priority, thereby enabling a stronger trusting relationship between physicians and patients. Staffs are trained to handle every request with sympathy and are professionally trained to transfer relevant information accurately, giving complete reassurance regarding patient’s well-being.

About Answering Service Care
*Answering Service Care is a company located in Victorville, Ca . For all inquiries, you can contact them at 888.848.6384 or You can visit their website