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Anthony Landscapes Uses Mulching to Prevent Weed Growth


Buckingham, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2017 -- Homeowners looking to improve the look of their yard by preventing weed growth are depending on Anthony Landscapes to provide them with landscaping in Bucks County that works against the flourishing of unwanted plants. Mulch is often used by homeowners and companies to make it more difficult for weeds and dandelions to break through the soil, therefore suffocating them.

Anthony Landscapes, one of the top mulching companies in Montgomery County, PA, can help homeowners lessen the amount of work put into their yards with mulching that makes it more difficult for weeds to grow. Mulching keeps plants cool, and when placed around plants that are already growing, hurts weeds by preventing them from getting the sunlight and oxygen that they need to grow. This means that homeowners who use regular mulching services will not only see plants that grow healthier and live longer but can also enjoy less time spent outdoors pulling weeds.

Weeds frequently require large amounts of water, so they "steal" water from the soil that would otherwise be used for vegetables and flowers. Weeds respond to mulching because the nitrogen makes it difficult or impossible to gain the oxygen needed to use the water.

Homeowners looking to take control of their weeds are encouraged to call Anthony Landscapes at 215-596-4730 for more information and to schedule a time for a free estimate. This leading company can also be reached online by visiting and filling out a contact form.

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