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Anti-Aging Expert Discusses His Own Telomere Measurement Changes


Fleetwood, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Leading telomere expert and anti-aging specialist Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD has been following his own telomere lengths for the past 5 years. The reason is to prove to himself and others that TA-65 really works.

“This is an expensive product and a controversial field. Lots of people simply do not believe we can impact the aging process. Some believe we should not even try - it frightens them. The main thing is that people have been looking for elixirs and potions to extend life since the dawn of man. Most people want to lump this product into the “snake oil” category because that is what has been the historical norm. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of experts in the field who are basically curmudgeons and to not want to call too much attention to their own discoveries!”

So does it work?

Dr Dave says, “I have documented dramatic changes in telomere length in the white blood cell compartment, the place we measure telomere lengths. I have documented the increased cellularity and decreased fat content in my own bone marrow and that of several of my stem cell patients who are on TA-65. I have done real time Telomerase assays on 2 or 3 of my clients who are scientists and documented a 3 fold increase in telomerase expression in those people. Those are all scientific objective measurements, not wishful thinking. So in my book it works and it does everything it says it does!”

Telomeres are agreed to be the cellular time clocks that shorten with age. There have been many studies that show that longer telomeres are equated with longer life and better health. While most people feel they are not the only important piece of the aging puzzle, they are the most well documented in terms of their effects on life span and health span in cells, animals and people. To date few people have actually believed you could “add length” to your telomeres and thus potentially reverse the aging process.

Dr Dave adds, “We are looking specifically at the telomere length in white blood cells because it’s easy to get to them. So far every other tissue that has been examined shows a correlation between what is happening to the telomeres of white blood cells and the telomeres in the rest of the body - areas where we cannot easily biopsy. They are a good marker for what is going on everywhere. In addition most of us in the field believe that the immune system is one of the major determinants of the aging process. That makes this particular measurement even more important.”

So will people taking TA-65 actually live longer?

Dr Dave laughs and replies, “That is the 64 million dollar question! No one can predict how long you live. Still based on the data correlating longer telomeres with better health and longer life, I think it makes perfect sense to stack the odds in your favor by taking TA-65 while you are doing all the other healthy things you should to help your body along the way!”

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